Skin.Club News Digest from September 6 – 13

While many of us have gained access to the CS2 beta, others have been complaining about the lack of access and scrolling through the newsfeed with regret. In the digest for the last week we have collected all the most interesting news from the world of CS.

s1mple about rating in CS2 

s1mple about rating in CS2 

In the September 1 update, Valve introduced a new rating system in CS2. Its essence is that in Premier mode opponents are selected by the number of points earned. Natus Vincere sniper – s1mple – did not like the new rating:

YEKINDAR is a good captain? 

We agree. And so is his teammate:

Grayhound Gaming has a new trainer – a mannequin 

Grayhound Gaming has a new trainer - a mannequin 

If you missed a little “meme-fact” in the CS community, just watch this news:

ESL Pro League Season 18 – the contenders for victory 

You probably already know them, but if you have no idea, we’ve released a little news:

Crosshair settings of pro players – Jame and ZywOo 

A week ago we reviewed ZywOo’s sensa, now it’s time to tell you about Jame’s crosshair settings:

Performance improvements in CS2 and a little secret

It’s so hard to stop writing about updates in CS! That’s why we just gathered you the full list of changes from August 8:

By the way, we also found some console commands for opening capsules and cases in CS2:

Again about CS2 – are there comics? 

Again about CS2 - are there comics? 

A content-maker with the nickname Gabe Follower has found information in CS2 code lines about possible addition of comics in the next operations. Truth or fiction? See here:

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