Patsi about YEKINDAR: “He is a good captain.”

In 2023, YEKINDAR gave an interview that he would like to be a captain. In May of the same year, the player became a substitute captain instead of nitr0 at the majors, and in July he took this role in Team Liquid.

Team Liquid is now an international team, and communication between everyone is in English. Robert Patsi Isyanov, a newcomer to the team, has the hardest time.

“It’s my first time playing in an international team and my first time speaking in English a lot both in and out of the game. It wasn’t easy to adapt to something like that, per se. I would say I can communicate normally 50% of the time. Besides, there is YEKINDAR in the team, who knows Russian and can translate what I can’t express myself. Communication goes much easier with him.”

Patsi also said that he thinks YEKINDAR is a good captain with a great knowledge of the game. Patsi was previously a Team Spirit player, while YEKINDAR was a player. The style of play of both teams is extremely different.

Team Liquid’s next tournament will be ESL Pro League Season 18.