s1mple about rating in CS2

In the September 1 update, Valve introduced a new ranking system in CS2. Its essence is that in Premier mode opponents are selected by the number of points earned. 

However, the old ranks in the game are preserved, but now they are assigned for each map separately.

Recently, during a live stream on Twitch, Natus Vincere sniper – s1mple – had his rating downgraded after a draw game. s1mple reacted very emotionally:

“I hate this game. What the hell is this? Why did I get my points taken off for? Why did everyone in this game get points taken off, what the shit? I just wasted 50 minutes of my life on this stupid Vertigo map that my team doesn’t play. It’s a CS2 beta, not even a real game. And I got 57 points taken away from me for a draw? What’s wrong with this life? Oh my god.”

Along with the release of the ranking update, an updated Inferno and a 12 rounds per half format were also added to the game.