Free capsule with stickers from EMS One Katowice 2014 in CS2

Surprisingly, but in Counter-Strike you can “open” some capsules and cases from CS:GO. This feature was noticed by a youtuber with the nickname Water.

In order to open cases and capsules – you need to run console commands. Example of console commands:

Weapon Case:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018A11F200128063800400114FCB6E4
Prism Case:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018F6232001280638004001C63BF822
Operation Phoenix case:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018AB1F2001280638004001716BCBA2
Cobblestone Collection:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018FA232001280038004001312F0702
St. Marc Collection:
csgo_econ_action_preview 001884242001280038004001D38D932A
Chick Chick Collection:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018FD2320012800380040015F1C2A64
Vertigo Collection:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018B82520012800380040019BEF2FA8
Gods and Monsters Collection:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018FC2320012800380040015275AA88
A capsule with “legends” from EMS Katowice 2014:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018AF1F2001280038004001DF2C114A
Capsule with “challengers” from EMS Katowice 2014:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018AE1F20012800380040016FFDFF4A
Capsule with community sticker 1:
csgo_econ_action_preview 0018A71F20012800380040017B188E82

However, the contents will not remain in the user’s inventory upon “opening”. An error message will appear on the screen.