What are the most popular and rare items in CS GO in 2023?

CS:GO is considered one of the best shooters nowadays. It attracts people by various online modes, in-game possibilities, and a wonderful worldwide community. The game has survived several difficulties in popularity since 2012, but now it stays in the first place of Steam games involvement ranking.


The skins on weapons in CS:GO always were a unique feature of the game. Their diversity and high price of the rarest forced millions to make money with their trading and reselling. The popularity of certain skins has reached fantastic levels. So, let’s define the most expensive and rare skins in CS:GO and understand their real value.

Skins – An Indispensable Part Of CS:GO


The variety of skins and their colossal amount makes their acquisition system unrepeatable, which the players mainly value. The items can be received by the following regular ways:

  • CS:GO drops skins to random players after the game (usually, the common skins).
  • Skins are dropped after in-game case openings.
  • One player gives skins to another by trading.
  • Players can craft new skins from the less rare.

For sure, the skins differ by their external characteristics and are divided into several groups by their rarity and quality.

Rarity Of The CS:GO Skins

There are 8 groups of the rarity of the CS:GO skins, which play a crucial role in price setting and their estimation among the fans. They are the following:

  • Consumer quality – the skins are regularly dropped after the game and usually have a price of no more than 0.5$.
  • Industrial quality – they look more attractive than the previous one but also cost approximately 0.7-0.8$.
  • Military-special – it is the first type, which is considered uncommon and usually has a price of more than 1$ (several items are rare and cost a lot more).
  • Restricted – it is the “mythical” type of the skins, which is rarely dropped after the game and has an average price of 2-5$.
  • Classified – the “legendary” type, which has different prices from 4-5$ to more than 50$.
  • Covert – the last regular type, which touches on weapons except for knives and gloves, and has a stock price of more than 20$. The cost of such items can achieve more than 100$.
  • Exceedingly rare – the regular type for melee weapons, which includes more than 10 rare variants of knives, which cost from 50$ to more than 20.000$.
  • Contraband – there are only two skins of such a type in CS:GO, which have prices of more than 1,500$ and 5,000$.

Indeed, the skins of the listed types have different qualities and can be StatTrak. The last means that the kills made by the weapon in online modes are represented on the specific counter on the gun.

The Quality Of The Skins

There are 5 types of quality of the CS:GO skins, and they are the following:

  • Battle-scared – the weapons with this skin type have many scratches and scuffs.
  • Well-worn – such skins also look shabby but have fewer blemishes than the previous one.
  • Field-tested – the medium quality of the skins, which may look normal and have an average condition.
  • Minimal wear – the skins look practically new.
  • Factory new – the skins are entirely new and have no external abnormalities.

The factory new CS:GO skins are considered the best because even standard skins look excellent. And one inconspicuous detail is that each skin, regardless of quality, has its float value, which plays a key role in price settlement.

What Is The Most Expensive Skin In CS:GO?

For many years the players have been hunting the CS:GO rarest skins by trying to catch them with low prices on the Steam market or get after the case openings. Only a few of them got what they wanted. Here you can find the list of the most expensive and rare skins of the famous game.

M4A4 Howl

It is one of two skins, which has the “contraband” status and has a regular price of 8,000$. The item can’t be crafted or received after opening the cases. The factory new StatTrak variant of the skin with several stickers from the IEM Katowice 2014 championship was sold for 120,000$, which was considered the biggest deal in CS:GO’s history.

AWP Dragon Lore

It is one of the most popular and rare skins on AWP. It is a part of the Cobblestone collection. The factory new AWP costs more than 12,000$, but the most expensive is the souvenir variant, which costs more than 25,000$. There is a slight chance to craft it using 10 M4A1-S Knight from the same collection.

StatTrak Bayonet M9 Crimson Web

It is the most expensive knife in CS:GO, which costs approximately 13,000$ (different quality has different prices). A few years ago, it was sold for 16,000$ to one of the skin collectors. It looks fantastic among the other knives in the game.

StatTrak AK-47 Fire Serpent

The beloved AK-47 has various skins, but the most expensive is the Fire serpent. The factory new item costs more than 8,000$ because of its high rarity and wonderful exterior.

StatTrak Karambit Crimson Web

It is one of the most expensive knives in the game with an average cost of 11,000$. There is not a lot on the steam market, so that the knife can be bought only from the third source.

Butterfly Knife Doppler (Sapphire pattern)

The common variant of the knife costs no more than 500$. But the float value with the blue color looks great and has an average price of 10,000$. The item is extremely rare and is valued by players worldwide.

An Alternative Way To Get Skins

The growing popularity of the CS:GO roulettes can be explained by boring and standard in-game case openings. Players want to get something that has high chances of CS:GO skin drops and looks exciting.


Skin.Club is an online CS:GO, which provides fair play for more than 2,000,000 players. It has custom events, a wonderful worldwide community, and many possibilities to acquire rare and desired items. The collections available on the website contain cases from user groups and exceptional cases from the website developers.

To Sum Up

All in all, it is hard to say what is the rarest item in CS:GO because a lot of them can’t be dropped from the cases or crafted from the less qualitative types of weapons. The list of the costly items helps to understand that the CS:GO skin system is unique and can’t be compared.