FOV and Viewmodel Commands In CS2: Full Guide [2024]

FOV and Viewmodel Commands In CS2: Full Guide [2024]

In Counter-Strike, customization plays a crucial role in enhancing the gameplay experience. While Field of View (FOV) is an essential aspect, restricted to a competitive range between 54 and 68 in official matches, viewmodel customization offers a broader spectrum of personalization. The viewmodel settings enable players to tailor the appearance and positioning of their gun, hands, and other in-game elements, freeing up valuable space at the center of the screen for improved visibility and focus.

This guide will delve into a detailed exploration of CS2 FOV commands and a thorough walkthrough of viewmodel customization options, enabling players to optimize their in-game interface and elevate their performance on the virtual battlefield.

Activating the Console:

Before diving into command customization, it’s essential to recall how to enable the console in CS2:

  1. Launch CS2.
  2. Proceed to the “Settings” menu.
  3. Within “Game Settings,” locate and set “Enable Developer Console” to “Yes.”

What Does ViewModel Mean in CS2?

In CS2 ViewModel refers to the positioning and orientation of the player’s weapon on the screen. This crucial element significantly impacts the visual representation of your weapon and its responsiveness to your in-game movements.

How to change ViewModel in CS2? The customization of settings can offer distinct advantages, but the choice largely depends on your unique playing style and personal preferences.

CS2 ViewModel Commands

Here is a series of these pivotal commands accessible through CS2’s in-game console:

  • viewmodel_offset_x [-2.5 to 2.5]: Adjusts the horizontal positioning of your weapon, either to the right or left of the screen.
  • viewmodel_offset_y [-2 to 2]: Modifies the closeness of your weapon to the screen.
  • viewmodel_offset_z [-2 to 2]: Changes the vertical placement of your weapon on the screen.
  • viewmodel_fov [54 to 68]: Alters your field of view from the default 60, accommodating your sitting proximity to the screen.
  • viewmodel_presetpos [1, 2, or 3]: Sets your viewmodel to a predefined configuration, options being 1 (desktop), 2 (couch), and 3 (classic).
  • viewmodel_recoil [0 to 1]: Adjusts the amount of recoil experienced when shot, with 0 reducing the recoil from the default of 1. This is particularly useful in tense in-game situations.
  • cl_righthand [0 or 1]: Determines whether your weapon is held in the left or right hand. While often overlooked, this setting can significantly impact your gameplay and learning curve in CS2.
  • cl_bobamt_lat [0.1 to 2]: Affects the side-to-side movement of your gun as you traverse the game world, altering from the default of 0.4. A higher value increases the gun’s lateral movement.
  • cl_bomb_lower_amt [5 to 30]: Influences how much your weapon barrel moves toward you when in motion, starting from a default of 21.
  • cl_bobamt_vert [0.1 to 2]: Modifies the vertical movement of both your CS2 viewmodel and gun barrel as you navigate, with the default set at 0.25.

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Understanding Field of View (FOV) in CS2

Field of View (FOV) in CS2 refers to the extent of visible space within the game, encompassing both the viewmodel’s position and the camera zoom. The customization of these aspects can be easily achieved using console commands. Adjusting CS2 FOV settings is a common practice and is fully permissible in the CS2 community. However, it’s essential to note that altering camera FOV commands is only feasible on servers with SV_Cheats enabled.

How to Change FOV in CS2

To modify your field of view in CS2, utilize the following command, specifying a value between 54 and 68:

viewmodel_fov 68

Altering Camera FOV (sv_cheats)

To adjust your camera’s field of view, you must be on a server where sv_cheats is enabled. Activate sv_cheats by inputting the following command in the console:

sv_cheats 1

Once sv_cheats is enabled, customize your field of view by replacing NUMBER in the command below with your desired FOV value (default is 90):

fov_cs_debug NUMBER

Given that the default FOV in CS2 is 90, the following command enlarges your field of view, setting it to 120 (expanding your camera view):

fov_cs_debug 120

Alternatively, to reduce your FOV, making it smaller (restricting your camera view), use this command with a value such as 50:

fov_cs_debug 50

Mastering CS2 FOV Customization for Enhanced Gameplay

In this guide, we’ve explored the critical components of CS2 FOV customization, encompassing viewmodel adjustments and camera settings. Optimizing your viewmodel, altering its position and orientation, can significantly enhance comfort and ultimately boost gameplay performance. Moreover, understanding how to fine-tune the field of view grants players a competitive edge by expanding their visual perspective. By utilizing the CS2 FOV command, players can tailor their FOV settings within the permitted range of 54 to 68, optimizing their CS2 experience and aiming for success in the intense world of competitive gaming.


Can you change the FOV in CS2?

Yes, you can change the FOV (Field of View) in CS2 using the “viewmodel_fov” console command, adjusting it within the range of 54 to 68 for a personalized gameplay experience

Is there an FOV slider on CS2?

CS2 does not have a dedicated FOV slider. However, you can adjust the FOV using console commands for more precise customization.

How do you get a Viewmodel in CS2?

In CS2, the viewmodel is your weapon’s model on the screen. You can customize it using console commands like “viewmodel_offset_x”, “viewmodel_offset_y”, and “viewmodel_offset_z” to adjust its position and orientation to your preference.

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