The role of coaches in the success of teams at Paris Major 2023

Paris Major 2023

With the passing of the first days of the Major, I would like to touch upon an important topic – the role of team coaches in their final results.

The initial days of the Major were filled with surprises and sensations. We hope that this celebration of the esports world continues for as long as possible.

lmbt (Sergey Bezhanov)


Sergey “lmbt” Bezhanov began his coaching journey with the team Hellraisers. He showcased his strategic approach to the game and his characteristic style, stating, “We outshoot teams so much that even if we make mistakes, we compensate for them with our firepower. We realized that we can outshoot about 90 percent of the teams in our group.” He instills this style in his teams. After joining mousesports, Sergey reached the peak of his career. “The Mice” won IEM New York 2018, thanks in part to their well-prepared strategies against their opponents.

Currently, lmbt coaches the Ukrainian team “Monte”. As you may already know, Monte sensationally defeated the renowned “Na’Vi” at the Major. Let’s see what the future holds. One thing is clear – Sergey’s contribution to the success of this team cannot be underestimated.

zonic (Danny Sorensen)


Zonic, a renowned Danish coach, is one of the key elements of “Astralis’ success. They have been a dominant force in the tier 1 scene for several years. After a long journey, the team underwent changes, and zonic left them.

Joining “Vitality” at the beginning of last year, the team showed inconsistent results. But over time, with Danny’s assistance, they were able to build their game and win IEM Rio 2023.

At the current Major, “Vitality” is standing at 3-0. They have displayed a strong performance and promise to finally achieve what “Bumblebees” fans have been eagerly waiting for – a Major victory. Let’s wish the renowned coach good luck!

Xizt (Richard Landström)


Now we come to the true giants of the game. Xizt has long been a living legend of CS. Being a crucial part of both NiP lineups in 1.6 and CS:GO, Richard decided to take the opportunity and became the coach of “Heroic” two years ago. The “Heroes” have consistently remained in the top 10 teams in the world for a significant amount of time. Xizt has been an integral part of their success, providing the necessary drive to win at the Blast Premier Fall Final 2022.

Currently, the Danish team has a chance to prove to everyone that they can win Majors without faltering in their team spirit, as they did in the final against the “Outsiders.” With a 3-0 record on the third day of the tournament, “Heroic” feels quite comfortable. Will the team led by Xizt continue to triumph? Only time will tell.

daps (Damian Steele)


Daps has always been a good player in the North American tier-1 scene. After retiring as a player, he immediately became the coach of the renowned but currently fading team, “Evil Geniuses.” After disappointing performances, not due to the coach’s mistakes but rather the complete individual decline of the team’s leaders, Damian moved to “Liquid.” With the revamped roster, “daps” promised to create a “comfortable atmosphere with trustful relationships”, and they are slowly but surely progressing towards that goal. This is evident in the team’s results in the tournament, with a confident 3-1 record and a spot in the playoffs. The Liquid team is under pressure from management, and under that pressure, they are currently showing their best game.

kuben (Jakub Gurczynski)


The name kuben may be unfamiliar to the younger generation, but this player’s nickname is forever engraved in the CS Hall of Fame. Being a crucial part of arguably the best team in 1.6 history, after transitioning to CS:GO, kuben became a coach.

After leaving the Polish lineup of “Virtus Pro,” Jakub tried to find his place in rather questionable lineups.

However, joining “Apeks,” Jakub managed to prioritize his authority in an interesting mix of wisdom and explosive youth. And “Apeks” surprised us! Currently, they have advanced to the playoffs by defeating “Ninjas in Pyjamas.” We truly hope that the experienced Pole’s team will showcase their full potential.