Tactics from CS 1.6 that still work in CS:GO

CS 1.6 and CSGO are two legendary games that connect several generations of players around the world. Over the years, these Valve shooters have become true classics, setting the standards in the genre of tactical competitive games. Despite the impressive evolution and differences in mechanics, the tactics and strategies that emerged during the era of CS 1.6 are still relevant in the world of CSGO.

Tactics from CS
Still work in CS:GO

Rush B! (Dust 2)

Rush B! (Dust 2)

Yes, yes! Friends, we couldn’t ignore the classic Rush B. “Rush B” on the Dust 2 map is a widely known and popular tactic in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It involves a quick attack on point B with the aim of capturing it as quickly as possible. This strategy underwent a minor metamorphosis; in 1.6, due to the specifics of the smoke grenade mechanics, there was no opportunity to effectively use grenades, while in CS:GO, you can throw a smoke grenade that covers the door. This strategy is associated with two truly legendary moments, namely – Zonic’s clutch at the Dreamhack Summer 2010 Final and Stewie2k’s ace against Space Soldiers.

Ascending to Victory: Mastering the Ramp Push (Nuke)

Ascending to Victory: Mastering the Ramp Push (Nuke)

The already classic fast round on the “ramp” of the de_nuke map. Due to the enclosed space, this tactic has hardly changed with the release of the new game. An interesting detail is the presence of a “boost” to the right of the terrorists’ exit point, which significantly complicates their life in the new game.

The “Ramp Push” on the Nuke map can be an effective tactic if executed with good team coordination and considering the map’s features. It allows the team to quickly control the ramp area and gain an advantage over the opponents, creating opportunities for successful further play on the map. I also suggest you recall two moments from both games, Heaton’s hold on defense and Flamie’s ace against Astralis.

Swift Infiltration on B: The Art of Effective Assault (Inferno)

Swift Infiltration on B: The Art of Effective Assault (Inferno)

Playing on B on the Inferno map. When using the “Push B” tactic on the Inferno map, it’s important to pay attention to the map’s features. For example, players should be ready for potential enemy drop-offs from various points on the map, such as ct spawn or church. You should also consider the route of your teammates for a smooth and effective plant. Watching ancient demos, it is evident that the only element of strategy in it was stacking smoke grenades in CT, as in 1.6 smokes had effect only in this case, but after changes in mechanics in the subsequent game, and the appearance of “Molotov Cocktails”, Astralis completely changed the game meta on B on the Inferno map with one round.

Bursting B: Devastating Assault (Train)

Bursting B: Devastating Assault(Train)

On the currently inactive Train map, there are nuances. The key elements of this tactic are communication and coordinated actions. The team must clearly define the roles and tasks of each player to make the most effective use of their skills and abilities. A coordinated attack, taking into account timing factors and synchronized movements, allows for gaining an advantage and capturing point B with minimal losses. In CSGO, there was an opportunity for extensive plant throws, through a combination of Molotov Cocktails and smoke grenades. In its older brother, everything boiled down to a lightning-fast flight from the lower and the aforementioned “smoke accumulation” or a trivial jump from “heaven”. We’ve seen many legendary moments on this map in both GO and 1.6.

Uncompromising Attack on A: Destructive Tactics (Nuke)

Uncompromising Attack on A: Destructive Tactics(Nuke)

Sometimes it seems that de_nuke in 1.6 is made out of cardboard, which allowed for crazy penetrations when attacking point A. In its successor, however, everything was diversified with Molotov cocktails and smokes. Sometimes in the younger brother of the legendary game, echoes of the above-mentioned madness can be traced.


In conclusion, it can be said that many tactics and strategies developed in CS 1.6 continue to be effective and applicable in CSGO. This testifies to the fact that the fundamentals of a successful game remain unchanged, and the experience accumulated by players in the previous version can be useful in the new generation of the game. However, it should be noted that CSGO has also introduced its own innovations and changes, including new maps, weapons, and game mechanics. Players need to adapt and develop their strategies in accordance with these changes in order to remain competitive in the modern esports scene.

Ultimately, transferring tactics and strategies from CS 1.6 to CSGO is not just immersing in the rich history of the game, but also using tried and tested approaches that continue to bring more  yielding results along with it. This is the uniqueness of CSGO, as a game that combines new possibilities with the rich heritage of the classic version.

Following the great gaming predecessors, CSGO players can still learn and implement tactics that helped them achieve victories in CS 1.6. This is an indicator that good ideas and strategies, tested by time, can remain timeless in the world of competitive games.