Main cons and pros of CS2

According to Faze Clan player Twistzzzz. In a post on his personal Twitter page, Russell discussed the recent changes in CS2. According to the player during a week of playing CS2 his opinion of the game has improved.

Faze Clan player Twistzzzz

Among the negative points Twistzzz highlighted:

  • Sound, which still needs to be improved, although the settings in the game are quite good;
  • Shooting accuracy in jumping and running has become too high;
  • Fragmentation grenades became much stronger: they do more damage and dispel smoke grenades. The sound of a grenade impact should be removed, as it gives too much information.

Main cons and pros of CS2(1)

Among the positive points of the CS2:

  • After playing with a low ping of 2-5 the game became more responsive, but the advantage of the beeper is annoying, although it appears less often because of the ability to react correctly; 
  • Very fun to play as a team, smoke adds a new dynamic and makes you interact more closely; 
  • Open skybox and meta development;
  • Increased shadows in certain areas are more of a plus than a minus;
  • The maps have been redesigned, and the changes on many are nice – especially inferno.

In conclusion, Twistzz emphasized that now he likes CS2 much more than before. But at the same time there is still a problem with game settings: you need a PC with high requirements to keep fps in the game.