HooXi: “Denmark, France and Sweden could provide top CS squads”

Back in the day, the Swedish and French CS gaming scene was incredibly strong and was represented at championships by no less than two teams: NiP, Fnatic, LDLC, Envy, and others. But while the Swedes are going through a bit of a talent slump right now, the French scene is only getting stronger.

G2 Esports captain – Rasmus HooXi Nielsen – gave his own opinion on team formation in an interview for BLAST Premier on YouTube.

“I think it’s more advantageous for players from Denmark, where the competitive scene is still quite strong, to communicate in the same language. But in a situation like G2 and many other clubs right now, it’s the availability of strong players (from different regions) that makes it possible to reach the international level. I understand that and I believe that’s how it should work in most cases. However, in iconic Counter-Strike countries like Denmark, France and Sweden, it would be easy to create top and competitive squads.”

HooXi himself is currently competing on the G2 Esports International roster, where he has won several trophies at the events.