Everything we know about CS2

With the imminent approach of CS2 (scheduled for Summer 2023, Valve time), we are scraping together all the pieces of information about the new installment in the CS games line-up. What do we know about it? What have we heard? What could be? Let’s try to make sense out of all the facts and rumors.

Game engine

CS2 is going to use the Source 2 engine — that has been already confirmed. With its introduction come several upgrades and features. Hopefully, a lot of old bugs and exploits will be fixed, but most importantly, the workshop will be a lot easier to work and create with.

You must have heard about the rework of the tick rate system, upgraded sounds and visuals and much more. The game is going to be modernized in a lot of ways. And don’t worry about your skins: they’re all safe.

New anti-cheat system

As per several data miners and insiders, Valve is going to implement a new anti-cheat system in CS2. Rumor has it that it will be able to detect cheaters right in the middle of a game. Imagine losing hard only for the enemy 31-0 sniper to be kicked out of the match and banned for life? That’d be…interesting.

New buy menu

If you are a fellow CS player, at some point you must have accidentally bought something you didn’t mean to and ruined a round. No more of that stuff as Valve added a new feature to CS2: during the buy time you can now sell anything you just bought! Finally!

The buy menu itself has also been changed: it’s now round! Yep, no more good ol’ wheel, we’re in a new game now! But you can still buy with numbers, so it’s not that big of a change, really.

Updated lighting

A quick glance at the new maps can tell you that they look as if Valve hired a good cleaning company. Everything looks a lot brighter, the reflections are insane and the game just feels more sharp.

Visual audio indicator

Another brand new feature to CS:GO: whenever you make a noise, the radar now shows you the range where others can hear you.

The biggest change

Saved the most important one for last. We’ve been talking about it for decades, but only now Valve finally heard us. Of course, we are talking about the legs! You can now see your character’s legs, and honestly, it’s the biggest change we can possible think of!