Tec-9 vs CZ-75 in CS2: Which To Choose for T-side?

Tec-9 vs CZ-75 in CS2: Which To Choose for T-side?

In the realm of Counter-Strike, the perennial debate of Tec-9 vs CZ-75 presents an intriguing conundrum, especially for T-side players. Both these pistols possess their distinct advantages and drawbacks, and players often find themselves at a crossroads, deliberating over the superior choice based on their personal playstyle and strategic approach. The Tec-9 and CZ-75 pistols each carve a niche for themselves, catering to different preferences within the gaming community.

The Tec-9 is synonymous with brute firepower, making it a preferred option for those seeking to dominate in close-quarters combat. Conversely, the CZ-75 is prized for its rapid-fire capabilities, allowing for swift follow-up shots, a trait valued in various combat scenarios. The Tec-9 vs CZ-75 dilemma represents a dichotomy of attributes, inviting players to weigh their options and choose the tool that aligns with their gameplay strategy on the T-side.

Tec-9 vs CZ-75 in CS2: A Comprehensive Comparison


Fire rate

Players often debate CZ vs Tec-9 in CS2, weighing factors like damage, accuracy, and magazine capacity for optimal pistol selection. As for the fire rate, the CZ-75 stands out with autofire, a key advantage over the Tec-9. With autofire and a quick fire rate, CZ-75 CS2 enables a continuous stream of rounds when the trigger is held, a notable benefit during rapid engagements or facing multiple targets. Conversely, Tec-9 necessitates manual clicking per shot, making it less efficient in high-pressure scenarios. Ultimately, CZ-75’s autofire and speed make it ideal for aggressive playstyles, appealing to those valuing rapid fire in a sidearm.

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Base damage and headshot damage

The Tec-9 inflicts 23 damage per shot, while the CZ75-Auto slightly less with 20 damage per shot. Factoring in fire rate for damage per second, CZ75-Auto edges ahead at 200 DPS, whereas Tec-9 stands at 191 DPS.

In terms of damage retention over distance, Tec-9 loses 20.3% compared to CZ75-Auto’s 14.4%. Tec-9 headshots deal 130 damage, CZ75-Auto’s headshots deal 123. Tec-9 boasts higher armor penetration at 90.6% versus CZ75-Auto’s 77.6%.

Ultimately, choosing between them depends on playstyle and damage priorities in different gameplay scenarios.



The Tec-9 has a variety of skins, ranging from simplistic designs like the “Groundwater” and “Urban DDPAT” to more intricate and colorful ones like “Avalanche” and “Toxic.” Notable mentions are “Isaac” with a vibrant futuristic design and “Decimator” with a sleek black and red theme.


The CZ75-Auto also offers a diverse range of skins. “Victoria” stands out with an elegant and royal aesthetic, while “The Fuschia Is Now” features a unique, artistic pattern. “Yellow Jacket” showcases a bright and distinctive design, and “Red Astor” displays a more refined, classic look.

Both pistols have a wide array of skins catering to different preferences, whether one prefers simplicity, vibrant designs, artistic patterns, or classic aesthetics. The choice of skin ultimately depends on personal taste and style.


CZ accuracy vs Tec-9

The CZ75-Auto is less accurate (13.4) than the Tec-9 (6.9). Despite this, the CZ75-Auto is known for its impressive precision in practice. Its first-shot accuracy is notably high, making it accurate for tapping and controlled bursts. On the other hand, the Tec-9 exhibits moderate precision with a slightly better accuracy rating.

In summary, while the accuracy rating suggests the Tec-9 is more accurate, in practical gameplay, the CZ75-Auto often delivers better precision due to its favorable first-shot accuracy and recoil control, making it a preferred choice for precise shots in short to medium ranges.

Magazine and ammo capacity

The Tec-9 sports an 18-round magazine, great for continuous firing but depletes swiftly due to its high rate of fire. This often calls for frequent reloads during intense combat.

On the other hand, the CZ75-Auto’s unique rotary drum-like magazine holds 12 rounds. Though smaller, its efficient burst fire and precise initial shots compensate for the reduced capacity.

In essence, Tec-9 allows more shots before a reload with its larger 18-round mag, while CZ75-Auto’s 12-round capacity is balanced by its efficient and accurate shooting style. Choice depends on a player’s preference for sustained fire or precise bursts.

Pro players’ approval

Several professional players and streamers are known to favor the CZ-75 in CS2. Here are a few:

  1. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. Team: Natus Vincere (Na’Vi). s1mple, widely regarded as one of the best CS2 players, has been seen using the CZ-75 effectively in various matches.
  2. Nikola “NiKo” Kovač. Team: FaZe Clan. NiKo, a renowned CS2 professional, is known to wield the CZ-75 with skill and precision, especially in clutch situations.
  3. Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson. Team: Fnatic. KRIMZ is known for his consistent and impactful use of the CZ-75, making it a strong choice during rounds.

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Tec-9 vs CZ75-Auto in CS2: A Sidearm Showdown

In conclusion, the Tec-9 and CZ75-Auto stand as pivotal sidearm choices in CS2, each presenting distinct advantages. For the T-side in CS2, the Tec-9 is often considered the better choice. Its higher damage per shot and accuracy make it an ideal sidearm for Terrorists, allowing them to engage enemies effectively and potentially secure crucial kills. The Tec-9’s stopping power and ability to take down opponents quickly align with the aggressive and fast-paced playstyle typically favored on the T-side. While the CZ-75-Auto offers some advantages, such as its autofire feature, it may not be as well-suited for the specific demands of the T-side in most cases.


Is Five-SeveN better than CZ-75?

The choice between Five-SeveN and CZ-75 depends on playstyle. Five-SeveN offers accuracy and armor penetration, while CZ-75 has higher damage and rate of fire.

Is TEC-9 a good gun? 

Yes, the TEC-9 is considered a good gun in CS2, known for its high damage output, especially in close-quarter engagements.

Which pistol has the highest recoil in CS2?

Among pistols in CS2, the Desert Eagle generally has the highest recoil, making it challenging to control, especially in rapid fire.

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