Overpass Callouts In CS2: Full Guide [2023]

Overpass Callouts In CS2: Full Guide [2023]

Overpass, a unique battleground, beckons with its strategic intricacies. Unlike some other familiar maps in the game, Overpass is an original addition, born in 2013, set in the heart of Germany. This virtual Berlin locale is a hotbed for intense clashes, where Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists battle it out in a park and the bustling canal overpass below. Overpass callouts are renowned for their multi-layered structure, offering a distinctive challenge for players.

While the Counter-Terrorist side enjoys certain advantages, mastering the art of callouts becomes essential for both sides. The precise knowledge of these callouts can turn the tide in your favor, and in professional competitions, it’s a must-know map for any serious CS2 player.

Overpass Map

Mastering Overpass Map Callouts

In contrast to several other maps in the CS realm, Overpass stands out with its distinctive map callouts. This map boasts extensive pathways leading to the explosive sites, interwoven with tight and confined corridors that link these routes.

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Overpass A Site

  • Despite its nomenclature, A Short doesn’t genuinely reduce distances; instead, its sinuous layout compels combatants into close-quarter clashes.
  • A Long spans the distance between T-Spawn and A-Site, offering an extensive route featuring a playground and an array of angles for strategic confrontations.
  • The Bathrooms act as a vital corridor, bridging the pathways that lead to the core of the A site.
  • The central water fountain in Party frequently serves as a point of reference for coordinating callouts.
  • A network of corridors, interspersed with restrooms, forms a complex passageway linking A Long to A Site and Mid.
  • A solid concrete divider separates A Long from the Restrooms, providing valuable cover for players in the heat of battle.
  • Bank, located adjacent to A-Site, serves as both cover and a rotation pathway for Counter-Terrorists.
  • The substantial container near A-Site, affectionately known as the Dumpster, grants essential cover to players defending the bombsite.
  • Parked on A-Site, the Truck offers critical cover and advantageous sightlines for defenders during engagements.

Overpass B Site

  • The B-Short path connects Mid to B-Site, sometimes called Water or Construction.
  • A big tunnel, known as Monster, links B-Site to T-Spawn, a key entrance for attackers.
  • Near B Short, a bunch of sandbags offers cover for players holding that area.
  • In the middle of B-Site, a large cylindrical pillar gives both cover and good sightlines.
  • A graffiti-covered wall near B-Site is a common hiding spot for defenders.
  • Several barrels are spread around B-Site, providing cover for defenders.
  • The Bridge is an elevated spot overlooking B-Site, offering good views and protection for players.
  • Heaven, near B-Site and accessible from CT-Spawn, provides a high vantage point with clear lines of sight to the bomb site, a strategic spot for defenders.

Overpass Mid

  • Mid is the map’s central hub, connecting T-Spawn, A-Site, and B-Site.
  • A corridor named Connector links Mid to B Short, facilitating quick rotations between sites.
  • Stairs in Mid grant access to Restrooms and B Short, making it a strategic point for navigating the map.


  • The Terrorist team’s starting point, T-Spawn, connects to A Long, Mid, and Monster, providing various avenues for their strategy.
  • A vibrant location near T-Spawn, known as Playground, is adorned with play equipment and offers access to A Long and Mid, creating an interesting dynamic for gameplay.


  • The Counter-Terrorist team’s starting point, CT-Spawn, serves as the anchor, linking to A-Site, B-Site, and Heaven, enabling them to cover vital ground on the map.
  • A set of CT-stairs gracefully descends from CT-Spawn to B-Site, forming a strategic route for defenders to quickly rotate and reinforce their position.

Other Callouts

  • A network of underground tunnels weaves through the map, linking key areas like B Short, Connector, and Restrooms, offering covert routes for players.
  • A door situated in B Short allows players to transition between the Tunnels and Mid, creating strategic opportunities for movement.
  • Within Restrooms, a discreet flowerpot not only offers cover but also serves as a potential hiding spot for well-placed ambushes.
Overpass Map Callouts

Overpass Callouts: Elevating Team Play in CS2

In Counter-Strike 2, the Overpass map presents a unique blend of complexity and accessibility. Navigating its intricate pathways might not be the easiest task, but it certainly doesn’t venture into the realm of overwhelming complexity.

By dedicating just a few minutes to analyze the map and focus on memorizing key locations, players can unlock its potential. The Overpass callouts are the linchpin here, providing the foundation for effective communication in team play. Utilizing these callouts to swap information can significantly bolster your team’s chances of success in matches, transforming your gameplay into a well-coordinated dance of strategy and execution.

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What are the callouts in Overpass?

Callouts in Overpass are location-based references that players use for effective communication. Some key Overpass callouts include A Short, B Short, Connector, and Heaven, among others.

Is Overpass a CT sided map?

Overpass is generally considered a CT-sided map. Counter-Terrorist teams tend to have an advantage due to map design and positioning.

When was Overpass added to CS?

Overpass was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the game’s release on September 23, 2013.

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