Mirage Callouts In CS2: Full Guide [2023]

Mirage Callouts In CS2: Full Guide [2023]

This Middle Eastern masterpiece, often assumed to be located in Morocco, a true darling of the Counter-Strike 2 community, Mirage reigns supreme as the go-to battleground for players across the globe, ensuring that finding a match is never a daunting quest. Introduced to the game’s dynamic landscape in 2012 with the arrival of CS:GO, this map has since etched its name in the annals of gaming history. 

Mirage and other classic maps in CS2 are like the foundation of Counter-Strike. They’re back in the game, but they haven’t changed much. The main updates are about making them look better and improving the lighting, all while keeping their original style intact.

Navigate the top maps in Counter-Strike 2 with our list.

CS2 Mirage Map

Mastering CS2 Mirage Map Callouts

Mirage can be a bit intricate, particularly when it comes to finding hiding spots on each bomb site. It may seem daunting for newcomers, but don’t be discouraged.

You can quickly catch up by playing the map regularly. Eventually, responding to these callouts will become second nature as you hear them in-game. You can use the callout map for CS2 Mirage provided below to guide your team to victory.

In CS2’s Mirage, you’ll encounter three main callouts: Go A, Go B, or Go Mid. These areas can be strategically controlled using smokes, flashes, and molotovs. Mastering essential smoke and flash techniques is crucial for your team to secure victory on this map. These tactics will improve your ability to infiltrate A or B sites effectively and establish control over the Mid area.

Mirage Map

Mirage A Site

Navigating the CT side on A Site can be a bit challenging due to its numerous entry points. The calls you make depend on where you’re positioned.

  • If you’re keeping an eye on Ticket, your calls should revolve around Palace, Ramp, and Tetris.
  • If you’re positioned at Stairs, you’ll primarily call out Palace. However, be mindful of potential threats sneaking in from Connector.
  • From Stairs, it’s also essential to monitor Catwalk for any signs of a B push from Middle.
  • When the Ts make a rush for the A site, try to gather information on their hiding spots, which can be crucial for a retake. This often includes locations like Fire Box, Sandwich, Tetris, and Ticket.

Mirage B Site

Defending the CT side on B is relatively straightforward.

  • If you’re situated at Arches, you can listen for players entering Kitchen and signal for a rotation if necessary.
  • As long as you have a clear view of T Apartments, whether it’s from Window, Van, Arches, or Bench, making calls here is pretty straightforward.
  • Typically, the T side’s approach to B is swift, making it a challenge to call quickly. In this case, focus on identifying a few key spots where CTs tend to hide. Van and Bench are common, and many players hold Window to thwart a T rush. If you clear these spots, B Site is under your control.

Mirage’s Mid

  • Mid serves as the central hub of Mirage, connecting T-Spawn, A-Site, and B-Site.
  • To seize control of Mid, remember two key smokes: Window and Connector.
  • T-Box in Mid offers cover for players moving through this region.
  • The Window Room, which boasts a window overlooking Mid, is often favored by snipers.
  • The Ladder Room/Vent connects Mid to B Short/Catwalk, offering a ladder and a vent for easy access.
  • An Underpass tunnel links Mid to B Apartments, providing an alternative route for rotations.


  • T-Spawn is the starting point for the Terrorist team, connecting to Mid, A Ramp, and B Apartments.
  • A sloping area known as T Ramp leads from T-Spawn to Mid and A Ramp.


  • CT-Spawn is the initial spawn for the Counter-Terrorist team, linking to A-Site, B-Site, and Mid.
  • In the vicinity of CT-Spawn, you’ll find a structure called Ticket Booth, offering both cover and sightlines to A-Site.
Mirage Map Callouts

Mirage Callouts: The Key to Tactical Triumph

In conclusion, having a solid grasp of Mirage callouts is fundamental for seamless communication and precise coordination within your team. These callouts enable you to swiftly and accurately convey critical information regarding enemy positions, simplifying the establishment of crossfires and the orchestration of well-timed flanking maneuvers. Whether you’re part of a closely-knit five-player squad or navigating the challenges of matchmaking with a group of strangers, every Mirage callout, in one form or another, is indispensable for effective teamwork and strategic success.


What is Mirage in CS2?

Mirage in CS2 is a competitive map set in a Middle Eastern-themed environment. It features two bomb sites, A and B, and is known for its balanced layout and strategic gameplay.

Why is Mirage popular?

Mirage is popular due to its balanced design, offering opportunities for diverse strategies and gameplay styles. Its layout provides fair opportunities for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists, making it a favorite among players and professional teams.

Is Mirage the best CS2 map?

While Mirage is a beloved map in CS2, opinions on the best map vary among players. It’s recognized for its balanced gameplay, but preferences differ based on individual playstyles and team strategies, making it subjective to claim it as the “best” map overall in the game.

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