What are the most popular and rare skins in CS GO?

The popularity of CS:GO is immensely growing nowadays. The fans of different ages build up a huge worldwide community. The game attracts people through its various online modes, great in-game players’ interaction, and unique concept.


Skins have always been an integral part of the game. They attract people by their variety, external qualities, and rarity. Many players spend hours searching for the most desired skin on online markets or trying to get it from the cases. For sure, the rarest skins are highly valued. Let’s find out what is the most expensive skin in CS:GO in 2021 and what factors influence their rarity?

Factors, Which Influence The Price Of The Skins

The skins in the game are divided into several groups depending on their specific characteristics. Most valuable skins’ cost starts from 10,000$. Here you can find the list of the main factors, which influence the price of the items.

There are 8 types, which have different indication colors, and, of course, external qualities. They define the rarity of the CS:GO skins and are the following:

  • Consumer quality – the skins are indicated with pale gray. It is the most common and the cheapest type of skin, which usually costs no more than 0.4-0.5$.
  • Industrial quality – the indication color is pale blue. Such skins are considered uncommon and have an average price of 0.8$.
  • Military-special – it has a blue indication color and the price of more than 1$.
  • Restricted – the skins are usually valued 2-5$ and have a purple signal color.
  • Classified – the “legendary” type, which is valued from 4-5$ to more than 50$ and has a pink color
  • Covert – the red skins in CS:GO, which touch on weapons except for knives and gloves, have a stock price of more than 20$.
  • Exceedingly rare – the type includes more than 10 rare variants of knives, which cost from 50$ to more than 20.000$. It is usually indicated with gold (in game, it is commonly red, as the previous one)
  • Contraband – there are only two skins of such a type in CS:GO, which have prices of more than 1,500$ and 5,000$. They are indicated with yellow color.

Only the first 5 types can be achieved after the in-game drop. Exceedingly rare items can be only dropped from cases or got after trading. Contraband items are not crafted or dropped.

The Quality

There are 5 types of quality, which define the external condition of the item. The most valuable is a “Factory new” type, representing the entirely new skin without any external abnormalities. The lowest quality is “Battle-scarred” – such skins have a lot of scuffs and scratches.

Float Value

Each skin has its float value, which defines its wear level and the availability of scratches on them. Therefore, even a “Factory new” skin with a low float value may look as a “Minimal-wear” one. Also, the float value influences the color of the skin. For instance, 2 knives with the same name can have completely different colorations.

StatTrak Status

It is a specific status, which influences the opportunity to count kills in the online mode. Each weapon has a counter on it (in the case of knives, the number is written right at them). The StatTrak items are much more expensive than the standard.

Souvenir Status

The items, which are dropped from the souvenir cases, are usually expensive. There are different types of souvenir cases, which depend on the collection of the item (Cobblestone, Overpass, Dust II, etc.). The souvenir cases can be dropped during online tournaments.

What Is The Best Looking And Rare Skin In CS:GO?


For sure, it is hard to answer this question due to the variety of total CS:GO subjective opinions. We have prepared the description of 3 item types:

  • The gun.
  • The knife.
  • The sticker.

Each of the items is considered very rare and has a high market value.

How Much Is AWP DragonLore Worth?

The skin is considered the most expensive AWP item. It can be crafted from 10 skins M4A1-S from the Cobblestone collection. The average price of the “factory new” variant is 12,000$, but the AWP souvenir costs more than 25,000$.

What Is The Most Expensive Knife In CS:GO?

StatTrak Bayonet M9 Crimson Web is the most valuable item among the knives. Its red color with the intertwining spider web makes it look exciting. It has a market price of 13,000$ and a few years ago, it was sold for more than 16,000$.

How Much Is A Titan Holo Sticker Worth?

It is a holographic sticker representing the team, which was powerful more than 7 years ago. The sticker costs more than 2,000$ and is considered the most valuable sticker in the game.

There is also one contraband sticker, which is too valued a lot among the players. It is a “Howl” sticker, which has a price of 1,800$ at the Steam market.

For What Was The Most Expensive CS:GO Skin Sold For?

The biggest deal in the history of CS:GO was for the sale of the StatTrak M4A4 Howl Factory new with IEM Katowice 2014 stickers. The Dutch collector bought it for 120,000$ and added a unique item to his collection.

How To Get Expensive And Rare Skins?

The regular opening of the cases and looking when the item’s price goes down on the market becomes boring. The chances of getting what you want are minimal, and the money expenses are also significant. Continuously adding new collections of the items doesn’t raise the possibility of their drop in the game or from the cases.

The CS:GO roulettes are an alternative way of getting rare items built up with modern fair algorithms. Skin.Club is online roulette, which has many custom events and, indeed, many cases for opening. The cases are divided into groups depending on the collection or even the weapon you want to have a skin. A great community of more than 2 million players enjoys opening cases, which are less expensive than in the steam market.

To Sum Up

As we see, the variety of skins in CS:GO makes such a concept unique and even forces many people to make money by selling the skins on different markets. The skins in CS:GO can be valued at more than 20,000$, which is considered the highest in-game contributions nowadays.

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