Using grenades in CS:GO

Using grenades in CS:GO

Using grenades in CS:GO is an integral part of the gameplay. The success of the duel often depends on the effectiveness of its use. In general, it may seem that the game is quite simple – you move around the chosen map and kill enemies. For real, everything is more complicated – mechanics, techniques, skills, and different fighting abilities make the game more interesting, satisfactory, and extensive. And in CS: GO, grenades are also a component of technology. It is crucial to work out the right timing, study the subtleties of usage, and the result will please you.

What are grenades?

The CS:GO teams use grenades everywhere. Our site offers to figure out what it is and what they are. There are several types.

Advice! When moving to the rating game, you must assign hotkeys for grenades or correct switching. It is convenient to minimize time costs, choosing the most effective, in your opinion, grenades and assigning them to the necessary keys.

The following types of grenades are known


Designed for the disorientation of enemies. For rivals, this is a difficult test – nothing is visible, and there is no understanding of where the opponent is and how to survive at all. After the throw, the explosion time is set, and all the enemies in the radius of action are blinded and stunned. It acts not only on enemies but also allies, so the throw should be neat.

The duration of the action is determined by the proximity to the element. If the explosion occurs nearby, enemies will be blinded for 5 seconds; if a little in the distance – it affects them for 2-3 seconds; if the space is even more – it works for 1 second or less.

Such a grenade is helpful both for protecting bombs and for an attack. The advantage of its usage – players will not be able to help but react to her. Sometimes even an impact of a fraction of a second is enough to hide from the enemy’s eyes or get another plus in the game.

Advice! During the game, at the initial stages, it is better to throw these grenades from the perspective of an enemy team.


Smoke grenade

The purpose of the use is to temporarily obscure a particular area from the opponent’s views. It can also extinguish the fire from an incendiary grenade or Molotov cocktail.

This popular grenade helps strategically prevent Ts from finding a bomb. When using it, it will be possible to reduce the number of corners and isolate the platform for the explosion, that is, clean it to facilitate the capture. Especially useful in the team game, when a throw is taken at once 2-3 pieces.

The duration of work is 18 seconds, during which grayness (opaque) is created. The passage is possible, but the enemy will see the weapon at that moment. That will make the command more vulnerable and give the opponents a bonus.

The fragmentation grenade

The purpose of the use is to damage enemies. Activates a small explosion with medium damage. The impact is determined by the remoteness from the explosion point – the closer, the more. Killing by one such grenade is impossible.

The key plus is versatility. You can use it differently, including throwing when these grenades are gathered in packs. It makes rational sense to agree with the team on the way you are going to use them.

Molotov cocktail

The purpose of the use is to block access to the region and damage enemies. Available to both sides. This utility is quite expensive, but its damage is severe. The grenade is in demand both for the defensive and offensive positions. With its help, you can clean the corners that are hidden from prying eyes. Molotov can be involved as a smoke grenade to block the explosion point.

Important! Throws need training. It should be understood what the grenade trajectory is in CS: GO when falling. If you just throw them on the floor, the element will collapse, and the entire area will be on fire. You should think about the goals in advance.

The duration of the burning is 7 seconds. Each individual flame can cause 6 damage every second. If the player is in the center, then up to 40 units of damage per second are given. The fire 100% penetrates through the armor, so the cocktail is considered one of the most powerful types of weapons.


A grenade is used to cause damage to enemies and block access to the region. Acts by analogy with Molotov. It helps stop the rivals’ team and block the zone.

In the game, this grenade is the most expensive. Using 2-3 pieces is recommended, which further increases the price. At the time of the throw, you need to act carefully since the element can bounce off – think through the territory.

It is usually used to distract rivals. While they think that there is a throw of a blinding grenade, you have several seconds for profitable actions.

Why are grenades necessary?

CS:GO grenade has the same importance as shooting from weapons. It is important to do this right, take the correct position for a convenient throw. These are basic skills that will help you move up with an increase in ranks.

The correct scattering of grenades in CS:GO, and the proper laying, is critical in the professional sphere. Mainly the task of one of the teams is to install a bomb, and the second is in the timely clearance of explosives or protection of the plant. Accordingly, you need to work out these skills in both directions.


During training, the grenade trajectory command in CS: GO is highly significant.

The use of such commands is suitable for this:

  • Turn on the line – you can dial: sv_grenade_trajectory 1;
  • Set the time of the lines disappearing by means of a command for scattering grenades in CS: GO: sv_grenade_trajectory_time 8;
  • To determine the thickness of the lines, you may with the command: sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness 0.2.

In the workshop, the maps for CS: GO grenades scattering with the possibility of training are available. For example, Training by Dolnma or Smoke Practice and others are in demand.

General advice

Adhere to recommendations from professionals:

  • It is convenient to carry out a throw in a jump;
  • The tactics depend on the grenade used;
  • It is almost impossible to win on rating stages without scattering;
  • It is essential to understand and remember scatterings;
  • A throw of smoke twice to one position from different places will complicate the opponents’ situation.

Assistants in the game can become skins. They will make the game plot more exciting.

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