Using grenades in CS2: Tutorial for Newbies [2024]

Using grenades in CS2: Tutorial for Newbies [2024]

Using grenades in CS2 is an integral part of the gameplay. The success of the duel often depends on the effectiveness of its use. In general, it may seem that the game is quite simple – you move around the chosen map and kill enemies. For real, everything is more complicated – mechanics, techniques, skills, and different fighting abilities make the game more interesting, satisfactory, and extensive. And in CS2, using grenades is also a component of technology. It is crucial to work out the right timing, study the subtleties of usage, and the result will please you. Our guide will provide you with the wide range of grenades, their types and recommendations on how to use them.

CS2 Grenades Guide

Grenades in CS2 are the versatile tools of champions, and this article is your gateway to understanding their significance. Let’s break it down, starting with a fundamental piece of advice: hotkey assignment.

When you’re venturing into the realm of competitive play, configuring your grenade hotkeys or optimizing your weapon switching becomes paramount. Efficient key bindings can save precious moments, ensuring you wield the right grenade at the right time.

Diving into the Arsenal:

Smoke Grenades

In CS2, smoke grenades reign supreme. They serve as game-changing instruments for obscuring vision and crafting fleeting safe havens. Their application is multi-faceted:

Blocking Sightlines: Smoke grenades shroud key sightlines, granting players safe passage across treacherous open terrain. When facing off against snipers, these wisps of fog are your best allies.

Cover for Bomb Plant/Defusal: In the intense moments of bomb planting or defusal, smoke grenades create a cloak of uncertainty. They sow doubt in the minds of your foes, making it an uphill battle for them to thwart your mission.

Delaying Tactics: As defenders, deploying a well-placed smoke grenade can halt the advance of the enemy team, buying precious time for your comrades to reinforce the line.

Smoke Grenades

Blinding Grenade

Engineered for the disorientation of adversaries, the blinding grenade serves as a formidable trial for rivals. Once this luminous menace is hurled, a well-timed detonation leaves all within its radius in a state of sensory deprivation. For both foes and allies alike, visibility vanishes, and the path to survival becomes a convoluted puzzle.

The duration of this optical maelstrom hinges on proximity to the epicenter:

  • A close-range explosion will veil enemies in darkness for a staggering 5 seconds.
  • At a slightly greater distance, the effect endures for 2-3 seconds.
  • With yet more separation, it dwindles to a brief second or less.

This grenade finds its utility in both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Its greatest advantage lies in its irresistibility; players are compelled to react. Even a split-second of bewilderment can be the difference between vanishing from an adversary’s sight or securing a crucial advantage in the game.

Pro tip: When deploying these disorienting devices, consider the perspective of your adversaries during the early stages of the game. This subtle shift in strategy can yield remarkable results.

Blinding Grenade

Molotovs and Incendiary Grenades

Molotovs for terrorists and Incendiary Grenades for counter-terrorists unleash the flames of area denial and enemy expulsion. These incendiary implements work wonders in various situations:

Area Denial: The heat of these fiery devices obstructs narrow passageways, prohibiting the enemy’s advance. This strategic maneuver is invaluable for impeding rushes and thwarting retakes.

Flushing out enemies: Players often take refuge in cherished hideaways or maintain strategic angles. Employ a Molotov or Incendiary to force them out into the open, disrupting their defensive stance.

Post-Plant Defense: After successfully planting the bomb, a well-placed Molotov can stymie the enemy’s defusal efforts, providing you with a precious time buffer.

Molotovs and Incendiary Grenades


Flashbangs are the non-lethal instruments of momentary sensory obliteration. Their effective usage hinges on a deep understanding of map layout and impeccable timing. These gleaming orbs offer a spectrum of applications:

Entry Flash: When breaching contested terrain, flashbangs are the ticket to disorienting adversaries. A well-thrown flash can momentarily blind opponents, setting the stage for swift eliminations.

Defensive Flash: If you’re holding a position and hear the approaching footsteps of your foes, a perfectly timed flashbang can scatter the attackers, offering you a window of opportunity to strike.

Tactical Retreat: When under the barrage of enemy fire, deploying a flashbang can provide the crucial cover you need for a safe withdrawal.


Fragmentation Grenade

The fragmentation grenade serves a singular purpose: causing harm to enemies. It initiates a controlled explosion, yielding moderate damage. The severity of impact depends on:

The proximity to the detonation point, with closer distances inflicting more significant damage. A single grenade, however, cannot secure a kill.

Adaptability: They can be wielded in a multitude of ways, including coordinated deployments when multiple grenades are at hand. Collaborating with your team to establish a clear plan for their use is a wise choice, ensuring that these explosives are maximized to their full potential.

Fragmentation Grenade

High-Explosive (HE) Grenades

HE grenades are the bearers of devastating explosions, inflicting significant damage to any player within their blast radius. They excel at finishing off wounded foes or softening up opponents before a decisive showdown. Usage scenarios for HE grenades include:

Gaining Vision: In CS2, exploding HE grenades cause smokes to momentarily vanish, offering valuable information to those who time the explosion right.

Damage Output: Armed with knowledge about an enemy’s location, a well-placed HE grenade can deal substantial damage, providing a clear advantage in ensuing confrontations.

Crowd Control: Tossing HE grenades into clusters of foes maximizes their damage potential and hinders enemy advances, particularly during rushes.

Denying Vision: The explosion of HE grenades can briefly obscure vision, especially when detonated on the ground.

High-Explosive (HE) Grenades

Decoy Grenade

Decoy Grenades emit simulated gunshot sounds and generate false radar blips on the enemy’s screens, introducing confusion and misinformation to the battlefield. Utilization strategies for Decoy Grenades include:

Misdirection: These grenades are perfect for misleading opponents about your location, luring them away from your actual position.

False Clues: Decoys mimic the sound of your current weapon, enabling you to provide deceptive information regarding your firepower.

Fake Flash: Decoy Grenades can also be employed to trick opponents into believing you’ve thrown a flashbang, causing them to avert their gaze to dodge the nonexistent flash.

Decoy Grenade

A Tactical Guide to Using Grenades in CS2

In conclusion, the realm of CS2 is not only about pinpoint accuracy and split-second decision-making, but also about mastering the art of using grenades in CS2. These explosive tools are the tactical heartbeat of the game, capable of turning the tide of battle and confounding adversaries. Whether it’s the blinding disarray of a blinding grenade, the fiery blockade of an Incendiary grenade, the explosive might of HE grenades, or the deceptive illusions of Decoy Grenades, each type offers a unique set of strategies to explore.

When wielded with precision and finesse, grenades become a symphony of chaos and order on the virtual battlefield, enabling players to secure victories and outwit opponents. So, don’t underestimate the power of your grenades; they might just be the game-changer you need when using grenades in CS2.


Why are grenades so crucial in CS2?

Grenades play a vital role in CS2 because they can disrupt enemy strategies, provide tactical advantages, and alter the course of a match. They are versatile tools for obscuring vision, causing damage, and creating distractions, making them essential for both offense and defense.

How do I choose the right CS2 grenade for a specific situation?

The choice of grenade in CS2 depends on your strategy and the current game situation. Smoke grenades are excellent for obscuring vision, Molotovs and Incendiary Grenades are ideal for area denial, HE grenades are great for dealing damage, and Decoy Grenades can confuse opponents. It’s crucial to assess the context and select the appropriate grenade to support your team’s objectives.

What's the best way to practice and improve my grenade usage in CS2?

You can improve your CS2 grenade skills by experimenting in offline games or private servers, where you can test different throws and strategies without pressure. Watching professional players and tutorials can also provide valuable insights into grenade usage.

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