CS2 Economy: Ultimate Guide for Newbies [2024]

CS2 Economy: Ultimate Guide for Newbies [2024]

CS2 is a popular online game with a vast worldwide community. It involves players of many ages into exciting command confrontation. More than 20 million people play the game on Steam and value its peculiarities. The gaming process includes many unique properties, understood only after sufficient time spent in the game and knowing its playing system. In-game and off-game money are the essential aspects of CS2. Therefore, let’s find out what types of virtual and real money are available in the game and what are the best ways for earning?

Money in CS2 – a Virtual Element Of the Game

CS2 is based on the opposition between the Terrorists (T) and the Counter-terrorists (CT). The matchmaking game lasts for 30 rounds and is ended when one of the teams wins 16 of them. The teams start the game with $800, and their additional cash amount depends on their success in winning rounds (the maximum is $16,000). It is supplemented by earning “blood money”, which is considered a unique aspect of CS2. How much cash does each team have at the beginning, and what are the ways of earning?

Money For Kills in CS2

Killing an enemy with each weapon gives extra money. The fewest sum is provided for AWP kills, and the biggest – for knife ones. Here you can find the list of the reward for murders with different gun types:

  • Submachine guns – $600 for each, except $300 for kills with P90.
  • Pistols – $300 for each kill, except 100$ for CZ–Auto.
  • Shotguns – $900 for murders with all types of weapons.
  • Assault rifles – $300 for each weapon.
  • Sniper rifles – $300 for SCAR-20, SSG 08, G3SG1 kills, and $100 for AWP murders.
  • Machine guns – $300 for kills with Negev and M249.
  • Grenades – $300 for grenade murders.
  • Knives – get $1500 for killing enemies with it.

Killing a teammate results in losing $300 for the first and second (the third murders lead to getting thrown out from the server). However, murders are the most extended and insignificant way of earning money in CS2, because the most considerable amount is received during other processes.

Reward For Rounds

The teams get money for the won rounds and the lost ones. The sum depends on the way of winning (the aim prescribed to both teams).

Therefore, the CT side gets the following money for the victory of CS2 round:

  • Winning the round by killing the enemy team without bomb planting or having the round time over (if it happens, and terrorists do nothing for winning, the CT team gets victory) brings each team member $3250.
  • Defusing the bomb to prevent its explosion gives the counter-terrorists $3500 (the deminer gets an additional $300)

The T-side acquire the reward for winning rounds by the following methods:

  • Planting the bomb and exploding brings the terrorists $3500 (the bomb installer receives extra $300).
  • Round victory by killing the enemy team without planting the bomb brings $3250 to the terrorists.

However, there is another algorithm for cash distribution when the rounds are lost. The first defeat gives the players only $1400. Each following lost game in a row provides an additional $500. The loss reward progression stops when the side wins a round. If the reward reaches $3400 (the fifth loss in a row), there will not be an additional $500 for the following defeats.

How Much Money is Spent for Weapons in CS2?

During the CS2 rounds earning money is good for the team’s arsenal improvement. The players spend the received money to buy weapons, which inflict more damage than the default ones. The cheapest are the pistols, which cost from $200 to $700. SMGs are less expensive, and their price is $1050-$2350 (the most costly is P90). Shotguns’ value reaches $2000 (the cheapest costs $1200).

The most desired weapons are assault rifles, which have different prices. The most popular are AK-47 ($2700), M4A4 ($3100), M4A1-S ($2900), and AWP($4750). Players use them for their “buy-rounds”, when the team’s economy allows the purchase of efficient and expensive guns. But you’re on a tight budget and aspire to possess stylish skins, be sure to explore our compilation of the most affordable karambit knife skins.

Money in Offline CS2 Mode – How to Get the Maximum With the Command?

A $16,000 money CS2 command allows you to get the maximum in-game cash amount. However, it is available only offline while playing with bots. You need to type “mp_startmoney 16000,” and each round will start with a maximum cash balance.

How Do People Earn Money with CS2?

The game has become a way to earn money by different algorithms. Worldwide experienced players find a suitable way to implement their CS2 knowledge into practice. And if you’re curious about the earnings of professional players, explore our in-depth research.

The most popular forms of getting funds with the Counter-Strike are the following:

  • Become an e-sportsman. Money in CS2 for pro players is up to $30,000 per month by participating in worldwide tournaments. The biggest tournament was PGL Major Stockholm 2021, with a 2 million prize pool.
  • Start streaming. Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for online translations. Thousands of players use it to earn money by the provision of CS2 streams.
  • Sell skins. Reselling the CS2 items is the popular way of regular income. Many players use different online services to sell their skins for different prices.

Before choosing one of the listed approaches, you must understand that each requires a high level of professionalism and knowledge about the game. Only the most experienced players succeed in CS2 earnings.

Skins – the Way to Get Real Money with CS2

Nowadays, skins are the popular CS2 elements. People search for different ways of acquiring the rarest of them. CS2 roulettes allow you to get them with a fair algorithm.

Skin.Club is a service with equal algorithms for the worldwide community of more than 3 million customers. You can get the high chances of desired skins to drop by opening cases from custom collections, which are cheaper than in the Steam market.

The CS2 economy is a complex but rewarding aspect of the game that can be both thrilling and profitable for newcomers. This ultimate guide has equipped you with the knowledge needed to understand and participate in this dynamic virtual marketplace. Whether you’re looking to trade, invest, or simply enhance your in-game experience, the CS2 economy offers a multitude of opportunities. By following the tips and insights provided in this guide, you’re on the path to making informed decisions and finding success within the CS2 economy.


Does CS2 have an economy?

In the CS2 economy, there is a loss bonus system designed to provide the losing team with an incremental increase in rewards. However, this reward doesn’t continue to escalate after a consecutive loss of five rounds. This increasing reward system is implemented to help the losing team bridge the gap and compete more effectively against the winning team.

How much money did CS2 make?

Counter-Strike has amassed a remarkable revenue of approximately $6.7 billion throughout its entire existence. This achievement solidifies CS:GO’s and CS2’s position as the most financially successful game in Steam’s history, as reported by the analytics portal Gamalytic.com.

Can you make money from CS2?

One of the most straightforward and dependable methods of earning in CS2 is through skin trading. It’s an investment that can yield profitable returns, depending on the amount of money and time you commit to it. Moreover, you can potentially make a profit by merely investing in skins, as the value of many of them tends to increase significantly over time.

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