How to Kick Yourself in CS2: Instruction for Newbies [2024]

How to Kick Yourself in CS2: Instruction for Newbies [2024]

In the competitive realm of CS2, the option to kick players from a match plays a vital role in maintaining a balance. Players often resort to kicking when faced with disruptive or uncooperative teammates. This can include individuals who are intentionally sabotaging the team’s efforts, trolling, using cheats, or simply refusing to cooperate.

However, there are also situations where kicking yourself from a CS2 match can be a strategic move. For example, when a team is faced with the prospect of a match loss, some players might choose to kick themselves to avoid receiving a competitive cooldown penalty. In this guide, we’ll explore the nuances of when and how to kick yourself in CS2.

Can You Vote Kick Yourself in CS2 Competitive Matchmaking?

In CS2’s competitive matchmaking, you cannot initiate a self-kick directly. The voting system primarily exists to allow players to remove disruptive teammates or those who violate the rules of the game. However, there are strategic scenarios where you might want to voluntarily leave a match to avoid penalties. To do this, you’ll need to rely on your teammates to initiate the kick vote on your behalf.

How to Kick Yourself in CS2

How to Open the Console

Before delving into the mechanics of voting to kick yourself, you’ll need to know how to open the console, which is where you enter commands. To open the console in CS2, follow these steps:

  1. Launch CS2 and enter a match.
  2. Press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. This key is usually located just below the escape (Esc) key.

Enabling Your Console if It Doesn’t Open

  1. Launch CS2.
  2. Go to “Options” and select “Game Settings.”
  3. Under “Enable Developer Console,” choose “Yes.”
  4. Head to “Options” again, this time selecting “Keyboard/Mouse.”
  5. Scroll down to “Toggle Console” and assign a preferred button for opening the console.

What Are the Commands to Start Voting?

Once you’ve accessed the console, you can use commands to start voting. To initiate a vote to kick yourself, follow these steps:

How to Vote Kick Yourself

  1. Type “status” into the console and press Enter.
  2. Locate the two numbers next to your name in the status information displayed.
  3. Enter the command “callvote kick” followed by pasting those two numbers. This action initiates a votekick process, indicating to others that you’ve started a votekick to remove yourself from the game.
How to Kick Yourself in CS2

Taking Control: How to Kick Yourself in CS2 for a Smoother Experience

In conclusion, knowing how to kick yourself in CS2 can be a useful tool for managing your gameplay experience. By following these simple steps, you can take control of the voting process and make strategic decisions about your in-game presence. Whether it’s fine-tuning your team composition or simply adjusting the bot count, understanding the mechanics of voting and console commands adds depth to your CS2 experience.



How do you use commands in CS2?

To use commands in CS2, open the console by pressing the tilde key (~) and type the desired command, followed by pressing Enter. Many commands require you to prefix them with “sv_cheats 1” if you’re on a local server or “rcon” if you’re on a dedicated server.

How do you vote kick?

To initiate a kick vote in CS2, follow these steps: press the ESC key, click on “Call Vote,” opt for “Kick Player,” and then choose the username of the player you wish to remove. Your teammates can then vote “Yes” or “No” to kick the player.

How do you kick bots in custom CS2?

In a custom CS2 match, access the developer console and input the command “mp_limitteams 1.” Then, use the command “bot_kick all” to eliminate all the bots simultaneously.

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