The Best CS2 Launch Options: Ultimate Guide [2024]

The Best CS2 Launch Options: Ultimate Guide [2024]

In the world of Counter-Strike, where split-second decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat, launch options are crucial for players seeking an edge. CS2 launch options are a set of customizable commands and parameters that dictate how the game begins and operates.

The allure of CS2 launch settings lies in their convenience and efficacy. Players can tailor the game’s settings to match their preferences and hardware capabilities, optimizing everything from graphics quality to performance-related parameters. What makes these options even more appealing is that once configured, they persist until deliberately modified, ensuring that your chosen settings are consistently applied with each game launch. We will delve into the realm of CS2 launch options, from the setup process to an extensive list of popular and effective options.

How to Set Launch Options

Before diving into the specifics of CS2 launch commands, let’s first understand how to set them up. It’s a straightforward process:

  1. Open Steam: Launch the Steam application on your computer.
  2. Access CS2 Properties: In your Steam Library, right-click on “Counter-Strike 2” and select “Properties.”
  3. Launch Options: Within the “Properties” window, click on the “Launch Options” button.
  4. Add Launch Options: In the text field, you can input your desired launch options. Each option should be separated by a space.

Now that you know how to access launch options, let’s explore some popular and effective ones. Popular options may include settings related to config file execution, screen resolution, enabling the console, skipping intro videos, and more. While some of these options can improve performance, others are chosen based on personal preferences or specific needs, such as customizing the game’s appearance or functionality. In general, popular options are similar to the best, that’s why we made a unified list.

Best Launch Options for CS2

  1. -Console: Begin your CS2 journey with the console already at your fingertips, ready for those crucial commands and tweaks.
  2. -Novid: Skip the Valve intro video and dive straight into the heart of the action, saving precious seconds during startup.
  3. -Tickrate: Elevate your offline server to a competitive level by setting it at tick rate 128. Perfect for honing your skills and strategies.
  4. -Refresh: Take command of your monitor’s refresh rate. If you’re rocking a 144Hz or 240Hz display, customize it by placing your desired rate within brackets.
  5. -High: Grant CS2 high priority in your system, ensuring it gets the computing attention it deserves. Use with caution and remove if it doesn’t boost performance.
  6. -Threads: Fine-tune CS2’s processor utilization by setting the number of threads it can employ. Approach with caution, as this requires understanding and troubleshooting skills.
  7. +fps_max: Tailor your FPS experience by defining the maximum frames per second you desire. Set it at [0] to unleash CS2’s full potential.
  8. +Exec: Craft your gameplay environment by executing your personal config file. Place your file in the designated folder and specify its name in brackets after the command (e.g., autoexec.cfg).
  9. +Violence_hblood 0: Personalize your CS2 experience by removing blood effects. A user-driven choice that allows you to fine-tune your game’s aesthetics to your liking, akin to the now-retired ‘lv’ (low violence) launch option by Valve.
fps settings

Best Launch Options to Boost FPS in CS2

For players aiming to boost FPS and overall performance, consider these CS2 FPS launch options:

  1. -nojoy: This launch option simply disables joystick support, reducing the load on your system’s RAM.
  2. -fullscreen: This launch option forces the game to run in fullscreen mode, optimizing the gaming experience.
  3. -r_emulate_gl: Enabling this launch option activates OpenGL emulation on Windows, resulting in increased FPS. It’s particularly effective on older graphics cards and lower-end systems.
  4. -limitvsconst: This launch option restricts CS2 to a maximum of 256 vertex shaders, making it ideal for mid to low-end graphics cards.
  5. -forcenovsync: Deactivating the VSync function in CS2, this launch option helps eliminate issues associated with FPS limitations.
  6. -softparticlesdefaultoff: Alters how CS2 renders in-game particles, reducing FPS drops when explosives are used nearby.
  7. +mat_queue_mode: This launch option allocates all available threads and processor cores to CS2. You can specify a value in square brackets, ranging from -1 to 2, with each limit representing a different threading mode. Be cautious with higher values, as they may increase FPS at the cost of input lag.
  8. +r_dynamic: Disabling dynamic lighting in CS2, you can set a value within square brackets. Setting it to [0] disables certain in-game lighting effects, providing a slight FPS boost.

Maximizing Your CS2 Performance with Launch Options

In this guide, we’ve unveiled the impact of CS2 launch options, offering insights into how they can elevate your gaming experience. From optimizing FPS to personalizing your gameplay, launch options are a potent tool. We’ve explored both popular and best launch options, empowering you to fine-tune your settings. Whether you crave smoother gameplay, superior visuals, or competitive advantage, mastering launch options is essential.

Harness these launch options to unlock your CS2 potential, gaining an edge and customizing your gaming adventure. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your gameplay with CS2 launch options.


What are the best launch options for CS2?

The best launch options for CS2 can vary depending on your system and preferences. However, the list of options described above is usually recommended for anyone.

How to do launch options in CS2?

To set launch options in CS2, right-click on the game in your Steam Library, select Properties, and click on “Set Launch Options.” Enter your desired launch options separated by spaces

What is the tick rate 128 CS2 launch options?

The -tickrate 128 launch option in CS2 adjusts the tick rate to 128 for “Offline With Bots” games and servers hosted via your client, doubling the default rate of 64.

How do I get 144Hz launch options in CS2?

If you’re using a 144Hz monitor and want to ensure that your game operates at its maximum refresh rate of 144 times per second, you can employ the following launch option: -refresh 144

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