Top 5 players worth paying attention to

Esports tournaments attract the attention of millions of fans around the world. The upcoming Paris Major 2023 for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive promises to be one of the most exciting events of this season. However, which players will be able to win the hearts of fans and show incredible results on the battlefield? In this article, we offer you a list of the top 5 players to watch during the tournament.

  1. ZywOo (Mathieu Herbaut)

    ZywOo (Mathieu Herbaut)

    Young Frenchman ZywOo certainly has something to prove at the upcoming Paris Major 2023. After some not-so-outstanding performances at Major tournaments, Mathieu Herbaut enters the competition with a strong charge of motivation. His team recently took 1st place in the prestigious IEM Rio 2023 tournament, where they demonstrated a strong and stable game. All fans hope for a repeat of this success at the upcoming Major.

  2. ANNIHILATION (Tuvshintugs Nyamdorj)

    ANNIHILATION (Tuvshintugs Nyamdorj)

    Mongolian player Tuvshintugs Nyamdorj has shown his high individual level of play at recent tournaments, where his teams (IHC, The MongolZ) upset several tier-1 level teams. At the Major, their team is a “dark horse” and can definitely go much further than everyone expects.

  3. m0NESY (Ilya Osipov)

    m0NESY (Ilya Osipov)

    Yes, we can’t miss the probably biggest talent the world has ever seen in this list. For an 18-year-old teenager, Ilya Osipov maintains an incredible level of play and successfully deals with all the pressure that has fallen on to his shoulders after joining G2.
    This is a great chance for Ilya to show his tough game at the Major. The team’s results will depend on him. m0NESY is one of the key players of G2. We expect to see him among the winners.

  4. Woro2k (Volodymyr Veletnjuk)

    Woro2k (Volodymyr Veletnjuk)

    Throughout his career, Woro2k has been haunted by three things – accusations of cheating, playing in not quite clear and stable lineups, and problems with expressing his emotions. Now he is in the strongest team of his entire career. The Ukrainian team “Monte” occupies the 22nd place in the HLTV ranking. And not for nothing – “Monte” showed solid play over the past three months. They made it to the Major and have high hopes. Everyone expects one thing from Volodymyr – tough play with a sniper rifle. Volodymyr can show an incredible level of play and compete with all tier-1 snipers. Time will tell.

  5. OSee (Joshua Ohm)

    OSee (Joshua Ohm)

    Don’t write off North American players. When Joshua OSee joined Liquid, he was expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the team. But after some time, OSee fell behind distinctively, and he was almost replaced by deko, but the transfer fell through. Now Joshua is in a difficult situation, and his fate in Liquid is at stake. There is a possibility that in case of failure at the Major, there will be significant changes in the team. Will OSee be able to unfold under pressure and deliver a truly “tournament of his life”? We assume that the American will indeed surprise and we will see a completely different “OSee”.