s1mple is leaving Na’Vi: rumors and general opinion

June has been quite intense for Na’Vi fans. First, the team’s star player, s1mple, removed any mention of the club from his Instagram page, and then he posted a cryptic message on Twitter.

s1mple is leaving Na'Vi: rumors and general opinion


In the comments, people are already speculating where the player will go and which esports clubs will be willing to take him (spoiler: most of them).

News about the transfer market keeps popping up almost every day. However, the majority believes that s1mple is the most untouchable player in the club. The story of the new CS2 lineup will revolve around him.

Na’Vi is looking for replacements for two Russian players – Perfecto and electronic. As for b1t, who has lost form, s1mple doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with him overall.

During the legend stage of the last major, the team’s performance didn’t go well at all, so changes should be expected in any case.