NAVI’s Exit from IEM Cologne 2023

With a score of 1:2, NAVI lost to Astralis in the lower bracket of Group B. The team secured the 7th-8th place and earned $24,000.

NAVI’s sniper, s1mple, explained on Twitter: “Apologies, fans, but we are not yet ready to perform at the arena. GGWP, Astralis, good luck in the playoffs. Thank you all for the support.”

The coach of NAVI, B1ad3, also summarized their performance in the tournament: “Certainly, we were sluggish in defense [on Overpass]. It seems our map pool wasn’t strong enough to make it to the playoffs. But it was still a decent attempt from the guys.”

The tournament’s grand final will take place on August 6th in Germany. Teams are competing for a prize pool of one million dollars and a slot at IEM Katowice 2024.