Into The Breach win FaZe

Despite the fact that ITB weren’t favorites in this match, they managed to take down FaZе!

FaZe were among the favorites to reach the playoffs, but the ITB guys’ 0-2 victory sent them to the pool. This will be the second time in a row when the team is on the verge of relegation!

It really was a chaotic match. In the first half, CRUC1AL decided to act on a whim and took control of the map with AWP, quickly gaining the advantage. At 10-15 it looked as though they were going to take the whole map. But FaZe won the round with only a few Deagles. They couldn’t keep up the pace, though, and ITB quickly brought the game to an end.

Today, the British team won their pool match against ENC 1-1: they are now only one step away from reaching the playoffs of the tournament.