GamerLegion – from underdogs to Major finalists

In the world of esports, there are always stories about the unpredictable rise of an underdog team that achieves an incredible ascent to the heights of glory. One such captivating journey is the story of GamerLegion, a team that overcame numerous challenges to reach the final of one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. In this article, we will look at the impressive path of GamerLegion and how they won the hearts of many fans around the world.


GamerLegion began their journey by participating in Europe RMR A, where they demonstrated impressive results, securing an honorable 5th place. After an unsuccessful match for the fourth-place spot, which was crucial for reaching the Legends stage, the losing team was sent to the Challenger stage. In the deciding match, GamerLegion faced the “dark horse” of all Majors – Bad News Eagles, and unfortunately suffered defeat.

Bad News Eagles

It is from the Challenger stage that the team’s real journey bagins. Starting this stage, GamerLegion already had two lost matches to their name and was on the verge of being eliminated from the tournament. However, the team was able to show themselves at the last moment and overcome all difficulties, finishing the Challenger stage with a score of 3-2 and successfully advancing to the Legends stage.

Legends stage

Once the team entered the Legends stage, they faced the strongest teams in the world. But the team did not let fear or doubts defeat them. GamerLegion defeated eminent opponents and progressed with each match. In this stage, the team lost their first game against Natus Vincere. After an unsuccessful match, the team regrouped and demonstrated an impressive game, winning three consecutive matches. GamerLegion made it to the Champions Stage.


In the playoff stage, GamerLegion faced the team Monte, which was also considered an underdog of the tournament. However, GamerLegion easily overcame the opposition and secured a victory over Monte. It is worth noting the outstanding performance of GamerLegion’s player, Mihai ‘iM’ Ivan, who finished the match with an impressive rating of 1.78. The GamerLegion team advanced further and faced one of the tournament favorites – Heroic. In the first map, the team suffered a defeat but managed to bounce back and win the next two consecutive maps. In these matches, GamerLegion displayed incredible gameplay, dealing with one of the best teams in the world.


In the end, GamerLegion managed to reach the final and faced the team Vitality, which had shown superb form, not losing a single map throughout the entire tournament. Unfortunately, in the final, GamerLegion suffered a defeat against the best team in the world with a score of 0-2. Despite this, the player of the GamerLegion team, iM, was able to elevate his team to a tier-1 level. They showed the world that nothing is impossible and that underdogs can become true heroes. CadiaN stated about GamerLegion, “Many considered them an easy opponent, but today GamerLegion completely disproved all these speculations.” Prior to the start of the tournament, GamerLegion held the 26th position in the world rankings. And now they have risen to the 7th place among the world’s teams.


Even Keoz from GamerLegion admitted in an interview that he himself did not believe he could reach the final. His initial goal was simply to make it to the playoffs, but now he has become a Major finalist, surpassing all his second thoughts.