Dupreeh is the only participant in all of the Major tournaments

Soon, the last major tournament for CS:GO will take place, organized by the esports league Blast Pro Series. One of the main figures of the event will be Vitality player – Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, who has participated in all major tournaments.



Peter is a representative of Denmark and started his career in 2012, making his debut in the 3DMAX team. In January 2015, he joined the Team SoloMid team. The most successful team for Peter was Astralis, as the team won a total of 4 Major tournaments under this organization. Since 2022, Peter has been playing under the banner of the Vitality team and will participate in the last Major tournament for CS:GO.

Criticism from the Community

Unfortunately, even professional players cannot maintain perfect game form, and Peter is one such example. Recently, he has faced criticism from the entire CS community, with one factor being his statistics dropping to 0.89 K/D.

Current Form of dupreeh

Despite the unfavorable comments about Peter’s game, he showed an excellent performance at the last tournament, IEM Rio. To the surprise of esports fans, according to the portal HLTV.ORG, Peter Rasmussen played with a 1.12 K/D at the IEM Rio tournament.

Even the Cloud9 team player spoke out about our hero: “Dupreeh did a lot in this game,” wrote Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov.

Observing dupreeh’s current game, it can confidently be said that he will approach the Major in his peak form, thus pleasing all esports fans with his last major tournament in this game.


Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen is undoubtedly a legend of the CS scene, and even dips in his statistics cannot deny his experience and understanding of the game. But will he be able to unleash his full potential at the upcoming Major tournament?