CS2 Star ‘donk’ Banned from Twitch Over Age Violation

CS2 Star ‘donk’ Banned from Twitch Over Age Violation

Danil ‘donk’ Kryshkovets, a rising star in the eSports world and a key player for Team Spirit in CS2, has been banned from the Twitch streaming platform due to a breach of its terms of service. The reason for the ban lies in an account that he created before he met the minimum age requirement, casting a shadow over the rise of his young career.

The 17-year-old player, a young talent who already caught everyone’s attention due to his high level of play at the IEM event in Katowice earlier this year, revealed a ban on Twitch on May 7. His confession complemented the fact that his Twitch account was created before he turned 13, which is the minimum age limit on the platform. As a result of this negligence, his account was suddenly put on hold, a fast action that had been followed by the growing number of his fans due to his professionalism and personality.

Even though his team’s tight program carries a lot of activities such as daily in-game and theory sessions, donk still spends quite long hours doing extra solo exercises. His passion can be witnessed through his Steam total gameplay hours, which not only have surpassed 14,000 hours but also show he has spent 588 days playing games. The amount of training and the schedule he bears throughout his training regimen is a perfect demonstration of his resolve as well as a high indication of the demands of professional esports.

CS2 Star 'donk' Banned from Twitch Over Age Violation

The Twitch ban has cultivated numerous supporters ranging from fellow gamers and fans who no longer stay quiet and vented their opinions on social media bearing the hashtag #Freedonk. Some other fans even suspect he moved to Kick, a competitor streaming platform, to continue his upcoming work.

While preparing for their next major event at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade that was scheduled this month, Team Spirit is faced with the problem of not having Twitch while “donk” would have to be not visible in front of the growing fan base. The team may have faced this setback, but they are still driven to remain competitive in the fast lane of CS2.

This incident shows how strict streaming platform companies are in enforcing their policies and also how implementing the policies can affect the careers of young talents in the esports industry.

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