Blitz poll for ElectroNic: first rank and other topics

Cloud9’s official YouTube channel has published a video where player ElectroNic talks about his time in CS, his favorite streamer, anime, and more.

The first game in your life?

CS 1.3. 

Favorite streamer?

I don’t watch streamers. 

Favorite C9 player? 


How long have you been playing CS? 

For 19 years. 

Favorite weapon in the history of CS?


First rank in CS: GO? 

Master Guardian Elite.

Most disliked thing people do on FACEIT?

When they try too hard. 

Favorite tournament win?

Winning the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. 

Favorite anime?

 I don’t watch anime. 

Dogs or cats?


Best grenade in CS?

Light grenade.

Worst grenade in CS?


Best map in CS?

Dust2, obviously.

Moreover, Cloud9 channel has also published a large number of videos with the rest of the players. For example, in the video player Ax1Le named the best CS player in his opinion – sh1ro.