Again about the release of CS2… Asia Championships?

In the HLTV Confirmed podcast, editor-in-chief Milan Striker Schweida suggested that Counter-Strike 2 would be released in early November 2023.

Milan Striker Schweida:

“Perhaps Perfect World knows exactly when CS2 will be released. Right now we are focused on the fact that the game will be released in the summer. Perhaps this will not happen. But it is clear that CS:GO Asia Championships 2023 will be a kind of testing ground for the second Major of 2024, which, as we know, will be held in Shanghai. I would guess that by the beginning of November we will have CS2 released for sure.”

Previously, some professional players expressed the opinion that CS2 is still raw and will be released even closer to winter. Recall that Valve themselves reported that the release of CS2 will take place in the summer of 2023.