CS2 Rank System Explained: Ultimate guide [2023]

CS2 Rank System Explained: Ultimate guide [2023]

In the realm of competitive gaming, very few games have managed to sustain long-lasting popularity and competitive excitement as Counter-Strike has. With the release of CS2, the beloved franchise has evolved, introducing a fresh take on the ranking system. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate world of CS2 ranks, explaining the details and how the system works. Whether you’re a seasoned CS player looking to transition smoothly to CS2 or a new recruit eager to climb the ranks, this article serves as your ultimate guide to understanding the CS2 ranking landscape.

What is the ranking system in CS2?

What is the ranking system in CS2?

CS2 ranks are more than just fancy badges; they function as vital performance metrics, guaranteeing equitable matchmaking. The CS2 ranking structure encompasses 18 distinct ranks, distributed across six tiers, spanning from Silver I to Global Elite, providing a platform for players of diverse skill levels.

In contrast to CS:GO, CS2 employs a map-centric ranking system. This means that you could achieve Legendary Eagle Master status on Dust II but only attain Gold Nova I on Inferno.

While this approach may initially seem inconvenient, it actually proves to be quite ingenious. It allows players to practice on every map without the fear of encountering opponents with significantly more experience on a specific map.

So, what do these ranks truly signify, and how can one ascend the ladder to join the elite?

The CS2 ranking system serves the fundamental purpose of distinguishing players according to their skill levels, thus ensuring fair and balanced matchmaking. It takes into account a range of gameplay proficiency elements, encompassing factors such as positioning, precision aiming, map knowledge, strategic line-ups, situational awareness, strategic placement, fluid movement, and overall game sense.

For those looking to excel in competitive CS2, it’s crucial to master these skills and understand the ranking system thoroughly. If you aim to reach the Global Elite Rank, we’re fortunate to have a guide for you!

CS2 Ranks Detailed Explanation

Ranks illustration

In the realm of CS2, skill groups and tiers extend from Silver, representing novice participants, to Global Elite, signifying a mastery of the game. These distinct ranks serve as indicators of varying degrees of skill and competence.

  • Novice Ranks These are the initial ranks in CS2, starting from Silver I to Silver Elite Master, designed for newcomers beginning their CS2 journey. These ranks are for players focusing on building their fundamental skills.
  • Intermediate Ranks On the other hand, Master Guardian players are considered more seasoned, owing to their dedicated efforts in perfecting their abilities on custom servers. They invest time in refining their utility usage and executing strategic maneuvers during retake scenarios. To progress from the Silver ranks to Master Guardian Elite in CS2, it is advisable for players to dedicate at least an hour each day to participating in matches. This routine helps them become well-versed in the game’s mechanics and map knowledge.
  • Advanced Ranks. Moving on to the advanced tiers, from Master Guardian Elite to Global Elite, you’ll encounter players who have invested a substantial amount of hours in the game. Communication, precision aiming, and teamwork noticeably improve in these ranks compared to the lower tiers. As players ascend through these ranks, they face opponents with higher skill levels, advanced abilities, and a deeper understanding of the game. Consequently, every competitive match becomes more challenging and rewarding, pushing players to further enhance their skills and strategic thinking.


The free Counter-Strike 2 game offers two main multiplayer modes: Competitive and Premier, each with its distinct features. In Competitive, the ranking system is map-specific, pushing players to excel on all maps to maintain a well-rounded skill set. This approach also benefits Premier, where teams can pick and ban maps, favoring those with versatile skills. Now, let’s see how the CS2 ranking system compares to CSGO.

  • In Premier, instead of picking maps like in Competitive, there’s a phase where one team bans two maps, and the other bans three. The team that bans maps first then picks the map to play from the remaining options.
  • Premier games have a rule called MR12, which means each half of a match can have a maximum of 12 rounds. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. If it’s a tie after 24 rounds, the match goes into Overtime, which has six rounds. The first team to win 16 rounds in Overtime wins, but it can be a draw if it’s 3-3.
  • In Premier, you can’t use the console to check how much damage you’ve done, which is different from CS:GO.

CS2’s Premier mode ranks represent a significant departure from the system in CSGO. Upon completing 10 placement matches in Premier, players are awarded a new CS Rating, which is prominently featured on a global CS2 leaderboard. This CS Rating, similar to an ELO rating, is a simple number that shows how well you’re performing, so you don’t have to guess how many wins you need to move up.

Premier Mode

The top CS Rating you can get is about 40,000, and it might go up as more matches happen. Your CS Rating range decides the color next to your name:

  • Grey – 0 to 5,000
  • Light Blue – 5,001 to 10,009
  • Blue – 10,001 to 15,000
  • Purple – 15,001 to 20,000
  • Pink – 20,001 to 25,000
  • Red – 25,001 to 30,000
  • Gold – 30,001 and beyond

These numbers are approximations and may evolve over time. The color progression mirrors the general item rarities, providing a sense of familiarity, at the very least.

According to Leetify, the current CS2 ratings are comparable to CS:GO like this (with data from the limited release):

  • 0-1999 (S1-Silver Elite Master)
  • 2000-5999 (Gold Nova 1 – Gold Nova Master)
  • 6000-8999 (Master Guardian 1- Master Guardian Elite)
  • 9000-12999 (Distinguished Master Guardian – Legendary Eagle Master)
  • 13000-14999 (Supreme Master First Class)
  • 15000+ (Global Elite)

However, it’s important to note that these ratings are likely to undergo adjustments as more players gain access to the new game. As of now, there weren’t any players with ratings below 1000, but there are only a handful of players who have managed to surpass the 30,000 rating mark. To draw a comparison, in CS:GO, it’s estimated that only around 0.75% to 1% of players attained the prestigious rank of Global Elite.

CS2 Rank Distribution

Leetify has recently conducted a study on the distribution of CS2 ratings. The statistics are visually presented in the graphics below.

CS2 Rank Distribution

Now, let’s embark on a more in-depth analysis:

Silver: 32.5% The Silver tier commands a substantial 32.5% of the player base and serves as the initial stepping stone on the path to greatness. Although players in this tier are just starting out, it’s essential not to underestimate its importance. Silver is where new players face challenges and turn their raw potential into solid skills through tough battles.

  • Silver 1 – 4.2%
  • Silver 2 – 4.3%
  • Silver 3 – 4.4%
  • Silver 4 – 5.3%
  • Silver Elite – 6.6%
  • Silver Elite Master – 7.7% Among these, the Silver Elite rank emerges as a promising contender on their journey to the summit.

Gold Nova: 34.4% Progressing beyond the initial ranks, players find themselves in the esteemed Gold Nova tier, which represents an impressive 34.4% of the player population. Achieving this milestone symbolizes their developing skills and valuable experience. However, the journey doesn’t conclude here; the path to success remains challenging, with the coveted Gold Nova 2 rank attainable for only a select 8.8% of all players.

  • Gold Nova 1 – 8.6%
  • Gold Nova 2 – 8.8%
  • Gold Nova 3 – 8.9%
  • Gold Nova Master – 8.1% Reaching Gold Nova 2 requires dedication and practice. It may be a challenging endeavor, but with perseverance, it can indeed be accomplished.

Master Guardian: 23.3% The Distinguished Master Guardian rank is not for the faint of heart. It stands as the third-highest rank, just beneath the Master Guardian Elite, and represents a pinnacle of achievement without necessitating a Prime account.

This prestigious rank symbolizes excellence, showcasing the exceptional skills and experience held by its distinguished players. In a competitive league with 22-24% of players at this level, the competition is fierce; nevertheless, the rewards that await are truly worth the effort.

  • Master Guardian 1 – 7.5%
  • Master Guardian 2 – 6.5%
  • Master Guardian Elite – 5.2%
  • Distinguished Master Guardian – 4.1% For those who have surpassed the Master Guardian II level, embarking on the challenging yet immensely rewarding journey to become a Distinguished Master Guardian awaits.

Legendary: 9.8% In the world of CS2, the Legendary rank holds a status akin to legendary tales of glory and prestige. Only a select 9.8% of players have reached this esteemed rank, further divided into four tiers: Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class, and, finally, the Global Elite.

As elusive as they come, these ranks remain a myth for many aspiring players.

  • Legendary Eagle – 3.2%
  • Legendary Eagle Master – 3.2%
  • Supreme Master First Class – 2.6%
  • Global Elite – 0.8% The journey toward Legendary is indeed challenging, but those who persevere will experience unparalleled rewards. With Prime Status, players enhance their chances of reaching the prestigious rank of Legendary Eagle Master, standing tall among the elite few.

To find additional statistics about CS2 players, refer to our article with various interesting facts.

CS2 Leaderboard


According to csstats.gg, the top three players are as follows:

  1. JoJo – 31,942 – With 255 victories and an impressive 88.54% win rate, JoJo hails from North America. Josiah “JoJo” Jimenez, a 22-year-old American, has garnered valuable experience during short stints with Mythic and Third Impact on a semi-professional level. His approximate total earnings stand at $5,332, and he is recognized for his prowess as an AWPer.
  2. Laski – 30,969 – Boasting a remarkable 91.24% win rate and 198 victories, Laski is also based in North America. Leonardo “Laski” Arroyo, a 26-year-old retired professional Counter-Strike player, last competed in 2020 for Mythic. His noteworthy achievement includes winning Fragedelphia 13 in 2019, and his approximate total earnings amount to $35,000. Laski is well-regarded for his role as a rifler.
  3. Hardzao – 26,284 – Securing the 3rd spot is Wesley “Hardzao” Lopes, a former paiN Gaming rifler and current RED Canids player hailing from South America. At just 22 years old, the Brazilian talent has amassed an impressive career total of over $100,000 in winnings.

Please note that the leaderboard undergoes daily fluctuations, and the information provided here may not align with the data at the time of your reading.

Your Journey through CS2 Ranks

In the ever-evolving world of CS2, mastering the ranks is a journey filled with opportunities for growth and success. We hope this ultimate guide has empowered you with the knowledge needed to thrive. Your CS2 rank represents more than just a number — it signifies your dedication and skill. Keep practicing, learning, and embracing the thrill of competition. Your journey is just beginning, and the future holds countless opportunities for advancement. Best of luck as you continue your adventure in the world of Counter-Strike.


Is CS2 ranked free?

Absolutely, CS2 competitive rank mode is free to access. You can jump into competitive mode whenever you like. If you’re aiming to enhance your gameplay and challenge the most formidable opponents, you’ll need to acquire Prime status to participate in CS2 Premier mode

How does CS2 Premier rank work?

In Premier mode, CS2 introduces the CS Rating system, which showcases a player’s ELO rating ranging from 0 to 35,000, instead of the traditional ranks seen in Competitive mode. Premier also offers different leaderboards displaying ratings, the number of wins, win percentage, and rank percentage for players.

What Is CS2 Prime?

CS2 Prime is an optional account upgrade available for $14.99. Subscribing to Prime status grants players access to the ranked queue, exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases. The advantages of CS2 Prime status go beyond the surface, offering players a more enhanced gaming experience.

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