What is CS:GO Changer and Why Do I Need It?

The CS:GO interactives are prevalent nowadays. Valve developed many possibilities to involve players worldwide in the game and implement delight into their time-spending. The regular updates, such as seasonal events, new playing modes, and cases collections, became favorite elements for the users. The players use skins to decorate their weapons and brighten up the regular matchmaking. However, they get bored with old items after some time and want to get the new ones from recently added collections. The way to do this is to use CS:GO Changer, a service with a 100% guarantee of getting the desired skin for free or much cheaper than purchasing them on the market. What is it and why do many players value this function? Does the changer have VAC limitations on Steam?

What is CS:GO Changer?

It is known that the skins have different rarity, which determines their price. The cheapest are common “consumer-grade” items, which usually cost no more than $0,5. The most expensive skins are “covert”, including knives and “contraband”. Due to the prevalence of skin-related services, the price of the items can be more than $20,000. Such a significant price appeals to the users, and their wish to get the valuable skins grows.

However, the price of several skins is unacceptable for many players. For instance, the price of a good-looking knife is approximately $100. Considering that more than half of the CS:GO community are non-earning young people, they can’t afford to spend money on them.

An alternative way to play with the desired beautiful skins is to use an inventory changer for CS:GO. It helps to solve the following issues:

  • No purchase: use of the changing services don’t require buying skins. Several online changers include paid premium accounts (the price is approximately $5-7), which allow users to see the skins from each other (only one service’s users can do it). However, the free version with several limitations is also available.
  • Custom skins: CS:GO changers include collections, which are not available on the Steam market or can’t be dropped from the cases. Depending on the changer, the players can choose the suitable skins from the sets and implement them.
  • Independence from regular in-game updates: the regular skin’s collections in CS:GO are entirely addicted to fashion. When the new event appears, the old one usually becomes uninteresting for most players. If using the skin-changer, the items are updated each day, bringing diversity to the game.

Most users, who know what is the main advantage of CS:GO changer, use it for a long time and enjoy getting exciting items without purchases.

What Does CS:GO Changer Include?

The inventory changer for CS:GO includes various services, which allow players to get different types of items, including skins for guns, gloves, heroes, etc. Usually, the websites have specific software, which can be downloaded to the desktop and launched. Its files can be added to the game folder to turn the changer on.


The primary purpose of the skin-changer installment is getting skins for expensive weapons, which most players can’t afford. The items, such as AWP Dragon Lore, M4A4 Howl, AWP Azimov, AK-47 Fire Serpent, Deagle Blaze, and others, become available to each, who downloads an inventory changer for CS:GO. The players can also choose the suitable float and rarity of the skin to determine its appearance. The StatTrak status can also be added to see the number of kills made with a weapon.


It is known that knives are infrequent items in CS:GO. There is a miserable chance to get it from the Steam market case, and it is tough to find both good-looking and cheap knives. The CS:GO changer allows you to decorate your knife texture with Bayonet M9 Crimson Web (a factory-new knife costs more than $2,000), Karambit Doppler, Bayonet Gamma Doppler, or skins for the Shadow Daggers, Gut Knife, Flip Knife, Butterfly, etc. you shouldn’t spend money to play with a pretty item for this slot.


The gloves are also expensive and have similar prices to knives (starting with $90-100). The inventory changer for CS:GO allows you to get the rarest Broken Fang, Moto, Driver, and Specialist gloves in different variations.

Hero Models

The models for CT and T heroes are also available in different changers. Some are custom, while others are similar to the game’s ones. The texture can be chosen in a specific changing program and implemented in the game.


The stickers are not as expensive as other items in the game. However, the Howl sticker costs more than $1,500 and is considered the most costly sticker. The other things, such as Titan Holo or the rare collection from ESL One Cologne, are available with the CS:GO changer.

What is The VAC Status For CS:GO Changer?

The conditions of Steam have restrictions for the use of a skin-changer. If you get reports from the teammates or enemies, who noticed the custom skins, the VAC patrol will investigate your case. Therefore, learn about the rules of its proper use if you want to avoid a possible VAC ban for your account.

The Legal Way to Get Skins

There is a way to get skins legally without installing any illegal software. Skin.Club is a CS:GO roulette, allowing you to get the skins from different collections for a lower purchase price than on the Steam market. You can choose the custom set or similar to the games and open it with high chances to get the rare item’s drop. Moreover, you can try the item’s upgrade to get better skins without donations. Enjoy high chances and participate in more than 2 million users’ activities.

To Sum Up

Overall, the skin-changer for CS:GO is a free method to get expensive textures of the skins without making purchases or significant donations. You can download a desktop application and follow the rules to start using the software. However, you will receive a ban if the VAC patrol finds you breaking the CS:GO conditions. So, think about the consequences before using the skin-changer, and find legal methods to get items, if possible.

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