Fraud & Scam in CS2: Pro Guide to Avoid a Mistake [2024]

Fraud & Scam in CS2: Pro Guide to Avoid a Mistake [2024]

CS2 has acquired it’s high popularity and is considered the most popular shooter nowadays. More than 20 million players worldwide spend time in the famous game, and somebody manages even to make money with it. The possibility to start an esports career attracts the younger generation. It forces them to improve their skill and game experience.

However, each community has its negative side. The crooks in CS2 work according to different schemes to profit and deceive the players. Let’s understand: How do the robbers work, and can this and the other aspects be dangerous for the young CS2 fans?

Crooks In CS2

CS2 frauds

Crooks have always been a severe problem for the community of the game. They invented new algorithms of scamming to get the user’s account and to stay unnoticed. They usually deceive players for the following:

  • Inventories with many expensive skins fall under the crook’s attention. They contact the inexperienced players aiming at receiving the trade offer.
  • Accounts of the players become a jackpot for the crooks. The booty of the skins is supplemented with the games and other things in the player’s Steam profile.
  • Crooks look for the real money acquired after the fraudulent exchange. They show the screenshots of non-existent skins or the scamming websites, which the players usually desire, to deceive them.

These are only a few methods of scamming. Even professional teams can be deceived. A new type of esports crooks is giving the sportsmen non-existent access to the live streaming of their match (the live video without a time delay). What are the ways to get rid of crooks and ensure your accounts are safe?

Ways To Get Rid Of Crooks

There are several tips, which helps you not to succumb to the provocations of the scammers:

  • Authorize your account only at reliable websites. It would help if you also learned all of the authorization conditions.
  • Don’t tell your login and password to anybody. High reliability and strong password is always required.
  • Use Steam guard to improve the Steam’s logging in safety.
  • Check up all the trade offers sent to you (look if there are any of your things in your offer’s icon).

Follow these rules, and the possibility of being scammed is minimized.

Is CS2 a violent game?

CS2 shooting

The general concept of the game has always built inconsistencies around the game. Many aspects are usually considered abnormal to the younger generation and cause gaming organizations to set the age restrictions for playing it. The following elements are used to establish the age rating of CS2:

  • Availability of violence.
  • Information, which justifies cruelty and terrorism.
  • Content may encourage children to commit crime or even severe harm to their health.
  • Presence of firearms, which is shown in the application.
  • Performing intense and bloody scenes.
  • Availability of in-game purchases.
  • High possibility of being crooked for money or an account.

As we see, the availiability of terrorism and violence aspects is essential to set up the age restrictions of the game.

Is CS2 OK For a 13-Year-Old?

Different worldwide organizations install the specific age rating for the game and make it due to the listed parameters. The CS2 age ratings are the following:

  • ESRB installed an M(Mature) rating for CS2, which means that the game isn’t suitable for children younger than 17.
  • ACB doubts that the CS2 rating is M15+. Several reports asked for it’s increase to M18+ because of the availability of gambling elements in the game. However, all the claims were rejected.
  • PEGI set up the 18+ rating for the game because of the violence and terrorism elements.
  • RARS says that only children over 18 years old can play CS2. If they are younger, the parents should permit their passion.
  • USK also set up the 18+ rating because of the violence and terrorism elements.

Due to the listed age rating, it is objective that CS2 is not suitable for a 13-year-old. However, more community players are younger than 18 and don’t follow these specific restrictions. If you’re interested in exploring the topic of age restrictions, make use of our guide.

Is CS2 Harmful?

For sure, it depends on the player’s general condition and his enthusiasm to play the game. The negative impact can manifest with the addiction and other severe harmful symptoms. The most objective indicators of the game’s bad influence are the following:

  • The addiction appears, which comes out with hours spent playing the game without any objective profit. The addicted player may have social and family conflicts, uncontrolled aggression, and craving uncontrolled playing of the game.
  • If abnormal time is spent for CS2, serious harm to psychological health appears, manifesting with violence, aggression, and distorted perception of the world.
  • The vision may become worse after hours spent playing the game.

To get rid of possible harmful symptoms, you should control time spent on playing. We also have an article on how to avoid addiction.

How To Get The Desired Skins?

AWP Deep Sea

The online CS2 roulettes grow because boring in-game openings tire the players. Skin.Club is a new roulette created with fair algorithms. It has equal rules for each player and high chances to get the drop of rare items. More than 3 million players worldwide have already attended the game and started opening a great collection of custom cases.

Safeguarding Your CS2 Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of CS2, where creativity and competition thrive, the unfortunate presence of fraud and scams persists. This article has shed light on the pitfalls and dangers, equipping you with the knowledge to protect your valuable items and your gaming experience. By staying informed, exercising caution, and adhering to the guidelines outlined here, you can navigate the CS2 world confidently. Remember, your gaming adventure should be about fun and excitement, not unexpected setbacks. So, take these lessons to heart, and game on with confidence and security in the CS2 universe.


What is a CS2 API scam?

A CS2 API scam typically involves the exploitation of the Steam API (Application Programming Interface) to deceive users into fraudulent activities. Scammers may attempt to trick players into giving away their items, personal information, or access to their accounts under false pretenses, often using the API as a tool to facilitate these deceptive schemes.

Does Steam give back scammed items?

Steam has a policy in place regarding item scams, and they typically do not return or restore items lost due to scams. Steam encourages users to be cautious and take preventive measures to avoid scams, as once items are traded or transferred, it is challenging to recover them.

Is scamming in CS2 illegal?

Scamming in CS2 can be considered unethical and against the terms of service of platforms like Steam. While it may not always lead to legal action, it can result in consequences such as account suspension or banning from the platform. In some cases, scamming may cross into illegal activities, depending on the specific nature of the scam and the laws in the jurisdiction where the scam occurs. It’s essential to be aware of and follow the rules and guidelines of the gaming platform and act with integrity in all online interactions.

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