How to Increase CS2 Player Rating: Guide for Newbies [2024]

How to Increase CS2 Player Rating: Guide for Newbies [2024]

CS2 has been gathering its fans starting from 2012. The players from all over the world have been fighting to reveal each peculiarity of the legendary game. The developers from their side were trying to make the game entirely suitable for gamers of different playing abilities.

The community consists of players of various skill and game understanding levels. The most experienced CS2 players know each round by the second and use game opportunities to victory for their teams. Therefore, let’s understand how to become the best player in CS2 and reach high positions in the worldwide rating.

Is There a Playing Rating And Who Participates In It?

The community of CS2 consists of more than 20 million players worldwide. To understand how many players are currently in CS2, specific statistics can be used.

  • The average in-game presence in the previous 6 months is around 520,000 players.
  • The average peak number of players in the previous 3 months is about 860,000.

The historical peak of the CS:GO online presence was registered in April 2020, and the indicator reached 1,300,000.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the CS2 player demographics? Interested in which nations boast the largest player populations and the age range where pro players shine the most? Explore these insights in our article.

System Of Skill Groups

Indeed, it is complicated to make the game entirely balanced for each player. Therefore, a specific rank system was created to add fairness into playing matchmaking and finding players of a similar skill level. To get the primary skill group, the players need to play 10 competitive games. After that, the rank is assigned to them:

  • Silver – the rank, which starts from Silver 1 and ends with Silver Elite Master.
  • Gold Nova – there are 4 categories, starting with Gold Nova 1 and ending with Gold Nova Master.
  • Master Guardian – there are 4 types: Master Guardian 1, Master Guardian 2, Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian.
  • Legendary Eagle – Legendary Eagle and Legendary Eagle Master.
  • Supreme Master First Class.
  • The Global Elite.

In Steam, there is no specific rating for CS2 players, except for the distribution onto the skill groups. However, the analytical websites represent the deployed statistics of the objective skill parameters and provide a monthly ranking of the best CS2 players.

Ranking By

It is a specific website, which allows players to see their current gaming parameters, indirectly representing the skill level. You need to sign up with a steam account to see your rating and skill indicators. The parameters are the following:

  • K/D (Kill-Death) ratio – the correlation between the kills and deaths during the game, including each online mode.
  • Amount of kills – the general amount of kills for all the playing time.
  • Shooting Accuracy – the percentage of hits on target.
  • Headshots – the ratio of hits in the target’s head hitbox.
  • MVP’s – the amount of acquiring the “most valuable player” award.

The players who have already reached The Global Elite are admitted to a monthly worldwide ranking. The leaderboard is built up due to the number of wins for all the time and commends, sent by the other players for friendship, leadership, and mentor abilities. The current leader of the ranking has more than 5,000 wins.

Ranking By Faceit

Faceit is a gaming platform created for different playing communities to test their skills in custom tournaments. The solo player or a team of 5 can try themselves in the matches to get the specific points and up the Faceit level. The statistics show the best Faceit CS2 players due to the number of acquired points and represents the following parameters:

  • Amount of matches played on Faceit.
  • Amount of victories.
  • Victory percentage.
  • Current win streak.
  • Amount of Faceit points.

Only the players with the Faceit level 10 can participate in the ranking. The leader of the current season has more than 18,000 points.

How To Increase The CS2 Player’s Rating?

There are many factors, which objectively influence the player’s skill level. To reach a higher ranking group, the player needs to know several peculiarities of CS2


Practice With Bots And Play Matchmaking

It will help to improve the game understanding and general skills. Practicing with bots helps to train the following aspects:

  • Shooting.
  • In-game positions of the T and CT sides.
  • Coordination.
  • Timings of grenade’s scattering.

The practice becomes valid if the expert and hard levels of the bots are chosen. Practicing with easy and normal bots brings no effect and leads to low ranks after several matchmaking games.

Train Your Aim On Custom Community Maps

All the players can download the community maps for free to train their aim with friends or other players in a private lobby. The best maps to teach aim are the following:

  • “Recoil Master”.
  • “Aim Course”.
  • “DC Aim and Movement”
  • “Fast Aim/Reflex Map”

We also have a list of top aim training maps, which you should check if you want to increase your skill.

After spending time on these maps, the skill will grow, and the player’s rating will be increased.

Look At The Professionals

Watching the tournaments helps to get knowledge about the game, and it’s understanding from the professionals. The most experienced teams, like NA’VI, Vitality, G2, Gambit, etc., show the highest level of CS2 playing and help the novice to get involved in the legendary game.

The Place Of Skins In CS2


The skins are an indispensable part of CS2, which becomes a great supplement to regular playing. They can be dropped from the cases or after the finished match. Even if the game doesn’t seem perfect, getting a new skin may always leave a positive impression.

The CS2 roulette’s popularity increases every day. Such websites provide custom cases with high chances of getting the desired skin. Skin.Club is fair roulette, created due to the latest algorithms to attract players from standard in-game case openings. The cases on the website are less expensive than on the Steam market, and their amount is also larger. An extensive choice of cases and an enormous worldwide community helps players to become more excited with the game.

Elevate Your Game: Boost Your CS2 Player Rating

Elevating your player rating requires dedication, learning, and practice. While the path may pose challenges, the rewards of enhanced gameplay and the exhilaration of victory make every effort worthwhile. So, grasp these tips, put your newfound knowledge to the test, and watch your CS2 player rating soar to impressive heights.


How do you rank up in CS2?

Ranking up in CS2 is primarily determined by your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and performance in competitive matches. Winning matches and performing well in games contribute positively to your MMR, increasing your chances of ranking up. Consistency, teamwork, and good individual performance are essential.

How does CS2 rating work?

To kickstart your journey, you’ll have to secure victories in ten games to secure your initial placement rating. These ratings commence at 0 and can extend well beyond 40,000, corresponding to the highest-ranked player at the moment. Each distinct 5,000 elo range is associated with a unique color

How does CS2 MMR work?

CS2 MMR is a complex system that takes into account various factors, including your individual performance in matches, wins and losses, and the MMR of the players you compete against. Winning games typically results in an increase in MMR, while losses lead to a decrease. The extent of these changes depends on the balance between the teams’ MMR and your contribution to the match. MMR adjustments aim to create balanced and competitive games.

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