The Best CS2 Smoke Spots on Nuke: Ultimate Guide [2024]

The Best CS2 Smoke Spots on Nuke: Ultimate Guide [2024]

Creating a guide for the best smoke spots on Nuke in Counter-Strike 2 is essential for players looking to gain a tactical advantage. The map Nuke, with its intricate layout and strategic depth, necessitates a comprehensive understanding of smoke placements to execute effective site takes and defenses. Let’s get started with a complete overview of Nuke’s most important smoke places so you can be prepared for your upcoming match.

Best CS2 Nuke Smokes

T Spawn to Mini

T Spawn to Mini

To execute a successful push through squeaky doors to A, the smoke from T Spawn to Mini is crucial. It blinds the vision from “outside” to Mini and Main A, providing a vital cover for a stealthy push or distraction. Positioning is key; locate yourself at the right edge of the yellow paint on the curb for an accurate throw. Use sparingly to keep the CTs guessing.

T Spawn to Squeaky Door A Main

T Spawn to Squeaky Door A Main

This smoke is perfect for a surprise push to Site A, with a subsequent pivot through the vents to B. From T spawn, pass the truck, then position yourself in the corner to the left. Your crosshair alignment is critical here: align the right axis with the first ladder step above the gray area and the bottom axis with the second “rib” of the warehouse roof. This precision ensures the smoke lands accurately, creating confusion among the CT ranks.

Squeaky – A Main Smoke

Squeaky - A Main Smoke

Deployed from the squeaky door, this smoke blocks vision for CTs in hut or heaven, allowing for a more secure takeover of A site. It’s a straightforward throw but can significantly impact the round by enabling a push with reduced visibility for the enemy.

Trophy – Ramp Smoke

Trophy - Ramp Smoke

For Ts looking to push or fake a push ramp, this smoke is indispensable. It obscures CT vision from the trophy room, allowing for movement without being easily picked off. It’s a strategic tool for creating doubt and forcing the CTs to spread their defenses thin.

Turn Pike – Trophy Smoke

Turn Pike - Trophy Smoke

CTs can use this smoke from the turn pike to hinder T movements towards the ramp. By blocking vision into the trophy room, it slows down T strategies and disrupts their pacing, giving CTs a tactical edge in defending the site.

Silo to Heaven

Silo to Heaven

A more challenging throw, this smoke from the top of Silo towards heaven, requires precise alignment. When done correctly, it obscures the view from heaven, allowing Ts to move through outside areas with significantly reduced risk from above.

T Roof – Heaven Outside Smoke

T Roof - Heaven Outside Smoke

Thrown from T roof, this grenade ensures safer passage through outside areas by blocking heaven’s view. It’s crucial for strategies that involve moving from outside to either A or B, providing a veil against sniper or long-range engagements.

Silo to Outside Heaven (Catwalk)

Silo to Outside Heaven (Catwalk)

For supporting outside pushes, this smoke from Silo towards the Catwalk behind outside Heaven is invaluable. It’s easy to learn and doesn’t require a jump throw, making it an efficient way to protect against CT snipers.

T Roof – A Vent Smoke

T Roof - A Vent Smoke

Deployed from the T roof, it conceals the A vent area, protecting Ts from being easily picked off during an A site execution. It’s a tactical smoke that minimizes risk and opens up the site for a take.

T Outside – CT Red Smoke

T Outside - CT Red Smoke

Used to obstruct vision from the CT Red container outside, it shields Terrorists moving through the outside, complicating CTs’ attempts to gather information or get picks.

T Outside – Garage Smoke

T Outside - Garage Smoke

This smoke lands near the garage, blocking CTs’ view from garage or secret, facilitating a safer passage through the outside area for Ts.

T Spawn to CT Garage Smoke

T Spawn to CT Garage Smoke

An easy lineup with significant impact, this smoke from T Spawn to CT Garage is crucial for every round. It prevents vision from the garage, allowing for safer movement or positioning without the threat of being spotted through a potential gap.

T Outside – Secret Smoke

T Outside - Secret Smoke

Blocks vision towards the secret stairs, crucial for B site takes through secret, allowing Ts to descend without being detected.

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T Outside – Outside Far Smoke

T Outside - Outside Far Smoke

Deployed to block vision from distant positions like CT spawn or heaven, it covers Ts navigating the outside area, essential for safe strategic maneuvers.

T Outside – Outside Close Smoke

T Outside - Outside Close Smoke

This smoke is designed to block off immediate sightlines from close CT positions like garage or red container, securing initial outside control for Ts.

Mastering the Art of CS2 Smokes Strategy

The strategic depth offered by Counter-Strike 2, especially on a map as complex as Nuke, demands a comprehensive understanding and application of these smokes. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to climb the ranks, dedicating time to practice these smokes will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay. As you integrate these best CS2 smoke spots on Nuke into your tactical playbook, remember that the ultimate goal is not just to execute smokes but to execute them with purpose, adapting to the flow of the game and the strategies of your opponents. Embrace the challenge, and let these smokes be the foundation of your team’s success on Nuke!


Where is the nuke country in CS2?

Nuke is a fictional location in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) and does not correspond to any real-world country. It is set in a nuclear power plant, depicted with a European or possibly American industrial theme. The map is known for its complex layout, featuring two main bombsites and a variety of indoor and outdoor areas.

Is Nuke a CT or T map?

Nuke is traditionally considered a CT-sided map due to its layout and chokepoints that favor defensive play. The architecture and narrow pathways allow the Counter-Terrorist side to set up strong defenses, making it challenging for the Terrorist side to successfully execute site takes without precise coordination and utility usage.

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