OG vs ENCE – the most anticipated match

The first day of the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 will be full of exciting games, but the most interesting one promises to be the match between OG and ENCE. This is a great opportunity to delve into the upcoming showdown in great detail.
In the global rankings, OG are ranked 12th and ENCE are ranked 9th. These teams faced each other in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022, and OG emerged as the stronger team: dust2 16-13; Vertigo 16-9.

Map pick/ban

Map pick/ban

It can be assumed that OG will immediately ban the map de_nuke – it’s their constant ban. In the last 5 matches, ENCE has banned de_inferno as their first map choice.

OG should ban de_vertigo as their second map. ENCE likes this map, and judging by the stats, OG have won only one out of three games on de_vertigo. To put it simply, OG have problems with this map. ENCE will have to ban de_anubis, as they have not yet mastered this new map and a 14% win rate confirms this.


In the third ban round, OG will face a difficult choice. Most likely, they will ban de_overpass. Going by the numbers, they play it less than de_ancient and de_mirage, and have a negative win rate of only 40%. Now, what will ENCE do? They are comfortable playing on de_mirage and de_ancient. From the stats, it is evident that ENCE’s map pool is slightly wider than their opponents. Additionally, OG has replaced their captain nexa with niko. The latter performs very well, but he has never had any experience as a captain until now.


Therefore, OG will find it easiest to play on de_mirage. This is because every player on OG knows this map very well, it is the most popular on all gaming platforms, and any OG player can call on it. Therefore, it would be wise for ENCE to leave the map de_ancient. It is structurally more complex, more demanding in terms of teamwork and good communication. Moreover, even by dry statistics, ENCE has a higher win rate than OG.


Most likely, the game will take place on de_ancient. The match will be very close, as all bookmakers agree, and they have given equal odds for both teams. However, ENCE has a slight advantage. Whatever happens, we are only sure that we can expect a great match between two teams.