How to increase the rating in CS2?

In one of the latest CS2 updates, Valve changed the ranking system: now Global Elite is not the final point for players. In CS2 users will be able to raise the rank eternally, thanks to the implementation of CS Rating (the analog of the system is in Dota 2).

How to increase the rating in CS2?(1)

Now the main game mode will be Premier, where the map for users will be changing, which means that you will need to train everywhere. In regular matchmaking, players are divided into 18 groups by skill, from Silver to Global. 

Three to four wins are required to move up a rank.

How to increase the rating in CS2?(2)

In Premier mode, however, it is much more difficult to increase your rank. Teammates and opponents are selected by the number of points, and the reward for victory or loss is based on an unknown formula.