Bleed Esports Signs Ex-G2 Star Nexa for CS2 Roster Upgrade

Bleed Esports Signs Ex-G2 Star Nexa for CS2 Roster Upgrade

BLEED Esports has officially announced the addition of Nemanja “nexa” Isaković to their CS2 roster, securing a transfer from G2 Esports. This move confirms the 28 June report from Sheep Esports, which hinted at the potential signing.

The Serbian player, known for his anchoring skills, will replace Josef “faveN” Baumann in the starting lineup. This change leaves only Hampus “hampus” Poser and Cai “CYPHER” Watson from the original five-man squad BLEED introduced to the Counter-Strike scene just six months ago.

Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović, both the coach and general manager of BLEED, has shown a willingness to make bold moves when opportunities arise in the market. This approach was evident in their earlier acquisitions of Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad and Tim “nawwk” Jonasson from Apeks. The same decisive strategy led to the signing of nexa, who was recently benched by G2 Esports. Despite not being as prominent or ambitious as G2, BLEED is a formidable team with the potential to break into the top 20 within the next six months.

Currently ranked 36th, BLEED considers nexa to be an essential update. His wealth of G2 experience will be important, providing BLEED with insights that may improve its comprehension of the present meta. Nexa, who is 27, brings to the table almost ten years of professional experience. His time spent working for major esports companies like OG and G2 Esports has given him a plethora of expertise.

Throughout his career, nexa has achieved notable successes, including four A-tier tournament victories and one S-tier win. He also secured second-place finishes at major events like the IEM World Championship in 2020, IEM Cologne in 2021, and the PGL Major Stockholm in 2021. Such accomplishments instill confidence and set high expectations, proving that top-tier results are attainable with dedication and practice.

Bleed Esports Signs Ex-G2 Star Nexa

BLEED possesses all the resources necessary to develop into an effective team. They might not win big tournaments right away, but in the next six months, they should be able to qualify for a lot of A- and S-tier events, which would be a huge accomplishment for the squad.

Despite facing criticism during his second stint at G2, where he replaced Justin “jks” Savage and averaged a 0.98 rating in Big Events, nexa has retained the trust of coach kassad, who gave him his international debut with Renegades in 2017. With hampus leading in-game, nexa will focus on his preferred lurker-anchor roles without the burden of captaincy.

The upcoming season looks promising for BLEED Esports, with high hopes and strategic additions setting the stage for potential success.

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