How To End Warmup in CS2: Console Commands

How To End Warmup in CS2: Console Commands

In the world of CS2, the warmup period is a crucial prelude to intense gameplay. Its purpose is to provide players a designated timeframe to familiarize themselves with the controls, the map, and to refine their shooting skills before the actual match begins.

However, there are instances where one might need to expedite this warmup phase and manually end it. For example, when playing casually or in a private server, players may wish to minimize warmup time and dive into the action swiftly. This guide will provide insights into these essential commands and how to end the warmup in CS2.

How to Optimize the CS2 Warmup and End It Efficiently

How to open the console


The Developer Console is your gateway to a world of customizable features in CS2. By enabling this feature, server owners can exercise greater control over the warmup phase, tailoring it to their preferences. This section will guide you through the simple steps of opening the console, giving you access to powerful commands that can enhance your CS2 gaming experience.

To unlock certain customizable options, utilizing the Developer Console is essential. Activating this feature provides server owners with greater control over the warmup phase.

  1. Navigate to the Settings in the main menu of CS2.
  2. Click on the Game category at the top.
  3. In the initial section, find and enable the “Enable Developer Console” option from the dropdown menu, selecting “Yes.”
  4. With the console now enabled, you can access it using the tilde (~) key.

How to Change Warmup Player Count

how to change warmup player count

Adjusting the warmup player count can significantly impact your warmup experience in CS2. Whether you’re aiming for an intense warmup with a full team or a more focused one with a smaller group, knowing how to modify this setting is crucial.

To modify the warmup player count in CS2, follow these steps:

  • Access the Apex server panel and click on the Console located on the left.
  • Within the console’s text box, input or paste the command mp_endwarmup_player_count [Amount]. Replace “[Amount]” with the desired count of players required to end warmup in CS2.

Example: mp_endwarmup_player_count 10 permits ten players to conclude the warmup once they’re connected.

  • Execute the command, and you’re ready to proceed!

How to End or Start Warmup

how to end or start warmup

Speeding up the warmup phase is often necessary to kick off your CS2 match promptly. In CS2 end warmup command is crucial for server admins to expedite the match’s start by concluding the warmup phase efficiently. Knowing how to initiate or terminate the warmup can save valuable time and keep the gaming momentum going. This section offers a step-by-step guide on how CS2 skip warmup command works and how to start or how to end warm up.

When warmup is active, you have the option to manually initiate or conclude it. If you aim to swiftly begin your CS2 match, this is a commonly used method.

  • Navigate to the Apex server panel and select Console from the left-hand menu.
  • Once on the console page, input one of the following commands to either commence or terminate the warmup:

mp_warmup_end – Forces an end to the warmup time, transitioning to the match.

mp_warmup_start – Automatically initiates the warmup for your match.

  • Execute the Command in the Console:

After entering the respective command, the warmup will either be stopped or initiated based on the executed command.

How to end warmup when playing against bots

how to end warmup when playing against bots

Warmup is equally important, even when facing off against bots. However, sometimes you need to expedite this phase. By efficiently managing the warmup, you can optimize your practice sessions and get into the actual game in no time.

When playing against bots, you might still want to expedite the warmup. However, the “mp_warmuptime 0” command may not work in this scenario. Here’s an alternative approach:

  • Open the console using the tilde (~) key.
  • Type “bot_kick” to remove all bots from the game, effectively ending the warmup instantly

Mastering CS2 Warmup: How to Efficiently Begin Your Game

In summary, this article delved into optimizing the warmup phase in CS2 for an enhanced gaming experience. Understanding how to tweak warmup settings and effectively transition from warmup to gameplay is crucial. By utilizing the console commands and techniques provided, players can swiftly learn how to end warmup CS2, ensuring a seamless start to every match. Mastering these intricacies enhances gameplay efficiency, preparing players for the thrilling challenges that await in the competitive world of CS2.


What is the command to remove freeze time in CS2?

To remove freeze time in CS2, use the command “mp_freezetime 0” in the console. This sets freeze time to zero, allowing immediate movement at the start of a round.

What is the command for round end time in CS2?

The command for round end time in CS2 is “mp_roundtime_defuse [seconds]”. Replace “[seconds]” with the desired round end time in seconds.

How do you fast forward warmup in CS2?

To fast forward warmup in CS2, use the command “mp_warmuptime [seconds]”. Set “[seconds]” to the desired warmup duration in seconds to speed up the warmup phase.

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