CS:GO Workshop: What is It And How Can I Use It?

Everybody plays CS:GO for individual purposes. Some people want to become a professional and reach the highest skill group, while others aim at having fun with friends. The game has various functions, making it one of the most popular online shooters worldwide. The users value both regular and custom modes of the play. The nonspecific elements of the famous shooter are available at CS:GO Workshop, which allows to both build and test the custom game creations. Let’s discover what the players pursue while using it and what things can be established there?

What Is CS:GO Workshop?

Everybody who has played CS:GO has noticed the Workshop in the Steam community section for some time. The players can represent their works and commend the others on its specific page. Everything created in the Workshop results from the player’s work and can be downloaded for free. The main goals of using this specific function are the following:

  • Design of skins: the gamers create custom skins for CS:GO using programs, such as Photoshop or 3Ds Max, and a specific format of Valve. They download the textures to the Workshop to make others view their work and commend it. The most successful of them can appear in further official collections.
  • Creation of maps: many maps available on the Workshop can be helpful both in training and having fun with friends, so the professionals create them and add them to Steam. The players use maps to play 2vs2, enjoy unique modes (combination of CS:GO and other Valve games), and set custom properties. The Workshop maps can be found in the section “Community maps” and instantly downloaded to the account.
  • Selling the works: if you are an experienced designer and know the price for your talent, you can set the price for anything added to the CS:GO Workshop. If the work is done well, the buyers would send you an offer.

For sure, the CS:GO workbench materials don’t include the possibility of creating something. Everything downloaded to the Workshop was made with the help of other programs, which are not related to Steam or Valve.

What Is Created in The CS:GO Workshop?

As we said, you can find custom skins and maps there. To understand how to use the created content, read our CS:GO Workshop Style Guide.


The custom skin models are mainly created in Photoshop with the help of Valve Texture Format. It is added to the program and simplifies the design process. However, you can’t download the skin from the Workshop to play online modes with it. You can use it only in offline training with bots or playing a custom lobby with friends. If you use it in competitive or classic matches, you’ll be kicked from the server. One more issue is that only you see the custom skin and no one else. To download the skin, you need several programs, such as VTFEdit, GCFScape, and Notepad. You can download the materials with their help and add them to the CS:GO files.


It is a more regular function for the players because everybody played on CS:GO Workshop maps for different purposes. To download the map from the Workshop, you need to follow the steps:

  • Log in to your Steam account.
  • Go to the “Community Workshop” and type “CS:GO” in the search bar.
  • Open the section of the necessary map.
  • Press “Subscribe” on the map’s page.
  • Run CS:GO and find it in the “Community maps” section.
  • Launch the server with the selected map.

Many maps are used to train the aim, grenade scatters, positions, or have fun in a custom game mode. Let’s find out the most popular maps from the CS:GO Workshop and determine what you can do on them.

Training Aim

Few maps allow you to practice static and dynamic shooting with single shots on the bots. The most popular are the following:

  • Aim_botz: you will find the bots staying at one place and can train his aiming skills on them. The map can also help customize the sight and choose its suitable position.
  • Fast Aim/Reflex training: it is the map to practice dynamic shooting – the bots will appear from different sides, and you should kill them. It helps to choose appropriate options for the mouse.
  • Aim_map: the map is used for playing with friends. There are two bases (for CT and T) and weapons lying on the ground. The players need to kill each other from a distance.

Download the CS:GO Workshop maps to improve the aiming and reaction skills.

Recoil Practice

The most popular CS:GO Workshop map is “Recoil Master”. You can choose the type of the target, its size, and other parameters. Then, the weapon should be selected to train the spray control. The most complicated is shooting with an AK-47, so use it for training.

Grenade Scatter

“Yprac Practice and Warmup” helps you to choose the mode of grenade scatters, where the process will be entirely explained to the player. Moreover, the map lets you train the prefire with a specific regime with bots’ forthcoming.

Sight Customization

You can use the suitable size, thickness, color, and other parameters of your aim on the “Crashz Crosshair Generator”. After creating the convenient sight, you can test it in practice by shooting the bots.

Cooperative Maps

Enjoy playing the custom campaign with your friends on different CS:GO Workshop maps. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Zombie Survival;
  • Hotline;
  • Hell Hotel;
  • Railway;
  • Arctic ops.

Each of them has a unique story, which you will discover while playing on them.

Play CS:GO With Skins

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To Sum Up

Overall, the CS:GO Workshop allows the custom game elements to be uploaded and downloaded. The players create unique maps and skins to make the game more exciting and bring variety. Use it to get extra possibilities in the game, and discover more than playing matchmaking.

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