Weapon efficiency in Counter-Strike

Weapon efficiency in Counter-Strike

CS:GO is a popular game that is loved by millions of players around the world. One of its key components is weapons. Beginning players most likely learned that AWP is a rifle and Glock is a gun. It is essential to deal with the existing weapon in the Counter-Strike GO and understand what parameters each has. On our site, you can figure out what weapons are suitable and what their differences are.

A variety of pistols

Such a weapon is the most affordable in CS: GO. This is especially true for standard pistols, for example, Glock-18 for a terrorist team or P200 for special forces. At the start of the round, pistols are provided free of charge, but they generally cost cheaply. Also, such a weapon is replaced, which means that it will be necessary to make a choice in favor of some kind.

The varieties of demand – are in the table.

Name For which team are the weapons Features and advantages The capacity of the gun clip Damage The range of hits Reward id dollars
USP-S Special forces A muffler is provided. It shows itself perfectly when killing from a short distance, especially if the opponent has no helmet. 12/24 35 29 300
P2000 Special forces There is no muffler. It shows itself well in pistol rounds when they shoot with one bullet. It will be difficult to win back with a full purchase. 22 35 300
Glock-18 Terrorists Convenient on pistol duels, useful for mobility, and pleases with a capacious clip. There are several modes. 20/100 47 30 300
Dual Berettas Special forces A legendary pistol, but not as powerful as in past versions. The complete reload takes 4 seconds. The scatter is wide enough. 30/120 38  15 300
P250 Terrorists This pistol pleases with armor penetration at a high level and accuracy, reloading for 2.2 s. It kills on the spot for two defeats in the head. 13/26 38 14 300
Five-Seven Special forces Accurate enough; not a massive handgun; it is convenient and reloads for 2.2 s. 20/100 32 14 300
Tec-9 Terrorists The gun with a convenient clip size, good spread, sufficient accuracy, and reloading for 2.5 s. Recommended in the attack in small bursts. 18/90 33 19 300
CZ75-AUTO Universal It has a good scatter. Rebooting is required at the time of taking it in hand. 12/12 33 14 100
Desert Eagle Special forces The top of the pistol pyramid. Conducting with power, critical damage, and the possibility of shooting through obstacles, but playing out is complex. 7/35 73  60 300
Revolver R8 Terrorists The legendary gun, one of the most powerful, causes critical damage, including through obstacles. More complex than an analog of special forces – controlled by two buttons. 8/8 86 60 300


Submissions pistols

Weapon in Counter-Strike

Are in demand. The fatal shot will bring you 600 dollars.

The table shows the characteristics of the weapon.

Name Purpose Cartridges Damage Rangeability
MAC-10 Terrorists 30/100 29 15
MP7 Terrorists 30/120 29 14
MP9 Special forces 30/120 26 16
P90 Special forces 50/100 27 14
MP5-SD Terrorists 30/120 27 14
ПП-19 Special forces 64/120 27 14
UMP-45 Special forces 25/100 35 11


PP-19 is the weakest of the pistols available in the game. But as regards the title of the strongest weapon in Counter-Strike, each player can determine it personally, since this depends not only on technical characteristics but also on the gamer’s skill.

Rifles: sniper and assault

They are called the most popular weapons, popular in the “competitive” mode. The assault-type rifles are designed to apply severe damage and simultaneously rapid movement of the player on the map. Sniper analogs neutralize the opponent in a couple of exact strokes. For murder, any rifle is entitled to 300 dollars.

In detail, the basic characteristics are given in the table.

Name Clip capacity Damage
SSG 08 10/90 88
Galil AR 35/90 30
M4A1 30/90 33
SG 553 30/90 30
SCAR-20 20/90 80
AUG 30/90 28
AK-47 30/90 36
AWP 10/30 115
M4A1-S 25/75 33
FAMAS 25/90 30
G3SG1 20/90 80


What heavy weapons are there?

The damage of weapons of this type is maximum. This category includes machine guns and shotguns. The main plus of this type is high power; the minus is low mobility.

On our site, you can find out what heavy weapon is available. Machine guns, the reward for killing from which – $300, are the less demand.

  1. M249. It costs $5,200. Damage – 32, and the speed of shots is excellent. The number of cartridges is 100/200.
  2. Negev. You can buy it for $1700. It applies 35 units of damage and shoots at 13 range units. Keep in mind that when shooting, the first 17 bullets move in a random direction. In total, the clip accommodates 150/200.

A more popular solution is the use of a shotgun. When killing rivals, $900 should be given for each. Heavy weapons are recommended for use at a small distance. The game has:

  • Terrorist Sawed-off with cartridges 7/32, reloading for 3.2 s, good spread, 32 damage per fraction or 256 per buckshot.
  • Universal Nova, which will cost $1 050. The weapon has 8/32 cartridges, 26 damage per pellet and 342 for buckshot, 68 units of the rate of fire, and a small scatter.
  • Special Forces MAG-7 with 5/32 cartridges, reloading for 2.4 s, firing range-4.6, 30 damage per pellet or 240 per buckshot.

As well as there is the universal XM1014 with the clip capacity of the 7/32 store, 20 points of damage to the pellet, and 120 for the buckshot. Continuous firing is provided, and the fire rate is 171. You can buy it for $2,000.


There are represented by several types:

  • Incendiary – for special forces, duration of use – 7 s, causes damage to everyone within the radius of action;
  • False – imitates incendiary for 15 seconds;
  • Light – blinds the participants, and allies, if they are nearby, for 3 seconds;
  • Fragmentation – inflicts damage to the players up to 98 units of health;
  • Molotov cocktail – for a terrorist team, similar in terms of an incendiary grenade;
  • Smoke – forms a veil of smoke at 17 s, extinguishes grenades of fiery species.

Many are interested in how to increase the damage from weapons in Counter-Strike. This can be done by pumping personal skills or buying a more powerful weapon. The input of cheats is also available, but this makes the game not so exciting. But in order to diversify the uniform and add brightness to the game, there are no problems – buy or download skins from us for free.

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