How to change the player’s model in CS:GO?

Player's model in CS:GO

CS:GO is fascinating and saturated, but many gamers want to make it even more spectacular. This can be organized by changing the parameters of players’ modeling. It is possible to change the size, color, character, and so on. It remains to find out how to replace the model in CS: GO with a chicken or some other hero or element. There are three available ways to do this.

What are the characters’ models, and what are they?

Models of characters in the Counter-Strike: GO is an exciting innovation that allows you to change the hero’s shell. Yet recently, only a standard appearance was available, but today you can buy a unique model. In particular, you may do it right on our website. The character’s image will change, and the game will become more colorful and fascinating.

Each model will please you with a unique appearance, but voice acting does not change. You can buy them on a trading platform or on our website. Choose from the proposed options, and the answer to the question of how to become a chicken in Counter-Strike will be straightforward. By the way, sometimes, the models can be obtained for completing specific tasks from the developer.

Let’s use utilities

SAS character

The special utilities which have been developed for CS:GO will allow you to change the player’s model in the game with easiness and convenience.

Five characters in the interface are available:

  1. Leet A;
  2. SAS;
  3. Leet B;
  4. Leet C;
  5. Phoenix.

Important! There is one nuance. Only the SAS character is provided for counter-terrorists, and all the rest is accessible to terrorists. Accordingly, directories with files are called differently: tm_phoenix or ctm_sas. To create the desired character, you will need to unpack the XVI32 and GCFScape files. You need to start with the hero’s binding to the user UI- interface. This is enough to replace the stock models with the changed ones.

To replace the character, you need to act according to this algorithm:

  1. Go to the CSGo folder;
  2. Looking for the file pak1_dir.vpk;
  3. Copy it and rename it differently (any name, but preferably short, so as not to forget);
  4. After that, go to the models/player/Player’s Name folder;
  5. Copy 4 folders of a customized hero;
  6. Add into two folders models/player, the ones renamed to ctm_sas, and in one: models/player/custom_player/legacy;
  7. Open the utility XVI32;
  8. Find the CSGO file;
  9. Enter into the search field: ctm_sas;
  10. Use the search F3, since the previous team shows only: ctm_sas_variante;
  11. Change one letter to the number when you have managed to find: ctm_sas; for example, to get ctm_s2s or ctm_3as, and so on;
  12. Repeat from the moment of launch of the XVI32 utility again so that we get two modified files;
  13. Next, open the search bar and enter ctm_sas.dx90; run the search;
  14. After that, type: ctm_sas again, perform a search, and repeat this and the previous step until the window with the message “Work is completed” appears.

Now, it just remains to save the file, and perform the launch of the XVI32 utility, then enter GCFScape.


  1. Open pak1_dir.vpk and check the models/player/custom_player/legacy and models/player files, making sure that is definitely renamed;
  2. Now close the utilities;
  3. Enter the game;
  4. Look around and save models, including in 3D format.

The algorithm may seem complex and confusing, but it makes such an impression only when used for the first time. In fact, everything is much easier than you may think. To return to the original character, you just need to return to the pak1_dir.vpk file its original name pak1_dir.

The above instruction is intended for counter-terrorists. If you want to make a model for terrorists, then act the same way, but with the Phoenix folder. Accordingly, the files will have the names tm_phoenix.

The proposed utilities help to inspect the weapon and finalize its appearance. Accordingly, the gameplay will become more colorful and captivating. In general, the plus of this method is that the utility does everything on its own. The main thing is to deal with the sequential algorithm. And how to make models bigger or smaller is already apparent, and it is best to use console teams precisely.

Changing the player’s model using a console

We offer to discover how to install a player model in Counter-Strike by entering console commands. This will allow you to change the character in the game as you like. To do this, you will need to enter the ui_vanity_setting_model command. It opens access to the mdl file, which has the possibility of customization. It is default located at models/player/custom_player/legacy/ctm_sas.mdl. There you can perform editing. Next, you can already play in matchmaking.

Important! Customized models look riveting and attractive. There is just one vital nuance – there will be no way to inspect the weapon in the inventory section.

If this method is not suitable, there is an alternative way how to change the player’s model through the console. This is the entering of commands for launching cheats. You need to type the sv_cheats 1 command. Next, you will need to enter the desired command so that the character changes as you want.

Possible options:

  • ent_fire !self addoutput «modelindex» (instead of a word in quotation marks, you need to enter the model number that modernizes the player);
  • sv_precacheinfo (Cheat will open a complete list of models indexes so that it can be conveniently selected);
  • ent_fire !self addoutput «modelscale» (instead of the word in quotation marks, the model number should be entered. As a result, it is possible to change the dimensions, that is, get the answer to the question of how to change the size of the model in the CS: GO to the larger or smaller);
  • thirdperso (cheat activates the type of camera from a third person so you can enjoy the vision of the changed character model).

Advice! Model numbers are most convenient to watch using a console code. There are quite a lot of them, and it is rational to familiarize themselves with everyone at the first input. Later, it will be possible to memorize your favorite.

On our website, are available anime models of players and many other skins. The result – is a more exciting game process. It is noteworthy that the player himself will not see the changes made to his character in the usual mode in the first person. But the rest of the gamers will be delighted with his appearance in all shining of his glory. Choose suitable skins from us on loyal conditions.

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