Cleansing of CS:GO map

Cleansing of CS:GO map

CS:GO is a very bloody game. This can complicate the training process, especially on Deathmatch servers, add unnecessary difficulties in the matchmaking game and simply cause discomfort. Blood on the walls and other surfaces and traces of bullets often make it almost impossible to notice the opponent in a timely manner. Accordingly, the risk of losing significantly increases. Also, excess blood on the walls in the game environment reduces the already low FPS on a PC with medium and weak power.

The desire to get rid of all these elements is quite apparent. We offer to find out on our website what Bind to clean the map in CS: GO is. Let’s review the commands you may use to quickly eliminate this or that dirty game detail, and whether it is possible to do this once and for all in your account so as not to spend time constantly cleaning your whereabouts.

Why is it important to clean the game map?

Cleaning bullet marks

In the game, it is imperative to cleanse maps from blood, traces of bullets, and other types of pollution, which can occur during the fight against the opponent. This is quite critical because it is a matter of personal game convenience and provides an opportunity to increase the likelihood of victory. We will analyze this in more detail.

The presence of pollution and blood on the walls, ground or floor, and so on, can lead to the following game problems:

  • The process of a shootout with rivals becomes more complicated;
  • Sometimes it is impossible to notice the enemy on time;
  • Blood elements and traces of shootout on the surfaces merely irritate;
  • a persistent desire to get rid of excess garbage is formed;
  • The process of training and playing as a whole becomes more complex and energy-consuming;
  • For weak PCs, additional elements on the walls lead to a deterioration in performance and loss of FPS.

Getting rid of all these problems is very simple. It is enough to enter a particular command, and all surfaces will be clean again. The game will become much simpler and more convenient. Opponents will now not be able to disguise themselves with stains. They will be immediately noticeable, and the game will be more honest since the emphasis is not on camouflage but on skills, fighting abilities, and general mastership.

Let’s clean the map using the command

Cleansing from blood

One of the popular methods of cleaning the map for visitors to our portal is using a console team. This is quite convenient.

The first necessary thing to do is to open the console. This is one of the vital gaming functions required to prescribe commands, setting indicators for the sight, bots, FPS, and so on. There are two ways to turn on the console – you may set it up in the start parameters and in the game itself.

Turn the cleansing on in the game

It is necessary to open the game settings and act as follows:

  • Find a gear located on the left side of the screen;
  • Click on the “Game” tab;
  • Click on the “Turning on the developer console”;
  • Set the parameter to “Yes.”

Important! The console is default tuned to the Tilda (“~”). It is located in the upper part on the keyboard’s left, near the figure “1” or “!” sign. It is possible to configure the key to call the configuration in a way that is convenient precisely for you. Furthermore, it is enough to open the item “Keyboard and the mouse” in the settings and find the console’s setting parameter. There you need to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

That’s all. Now you can start the console at an appropriate time.

Run the console with the launch parameters

It is possible to use the alternative method for activating the game console for setting up. It will not need to be launched by the gameplay. It is necessary to just open the start parameters and set up everything you need right there.

The window with the launch parameters is located in Steam. You need to click on it with a button located on the right.

After that:

  • Click on the point “Properties”;
  • Open the “General” tab for automatically launching properties;
  • Select “Install the launch parameters”;
  • In the window that opens, type the required commands;
  • Save the changes by pressing the OK button.

Important! Requesting commands should be typed without punctuation marks and through a single spacing. This is a prerequisite. Everything is done! The console will be active, and you can enter the required commands.

What to do next?

CS: GO map cleansing from the blood is performed using a simple r_cleardecals command on the console. It is enough to enter it in the menu that opens by your call and click Enter. The map will be cleaned immediately, and the further game will be comfortable.

What is bind for cleansing the map, and how to use it?

Cleansing the CS: GO maps by the Shift will be elementary and comfortable if the command is bound to the suitable button.

This can be done in one of two possible ways:

  • Select a separate button that will be used only to cleanse the map and for nothing more;
  • Bind the command to the already used key that you, right contrary, use very often.

In practice, the second option is preferable. When pressing such a button, two commands will be executed at once. As a result, traces of blood and bullets will be either practically not visible or noticeable much less often.

So, in order to bind an action of CS:GO map cleansing to the button that is not in use yet, you should give the command: bind «o» «+forward; r_cleardecals.» The button “O” is the one that is not used anywhere, or you can appoint any other key at your discretion.

The second option – appointing the key that is in your active use – is performed by such a command as bind «w» «+forward; r_cleardecals.» Accordingly, when clicking on a “w,” the map will be cleansed automatically, and the character will continue walking. In the game, traces of blood and bullets will not cause any discomfort, and you will virtually not see them.

Each player himself decides what is more convenient for him: to play with traces of blood and fights, or perform timely cleansing. For the latter, there are two possible setting options. Everyone can choose the right one. It is most convenient to bind the button to solve the problem once and for all, not waste time on the constant registration of commands.

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