How to surf in CS:GO

Surf in CS:GO

Surfing in “CS:GO” – is a real art. The first servers for the surf appeared yet in CS 1.6. On our site, you will find a lot of helpful information about CS-surfing to understand what it is and how intra-game physics works for the correct execution of techniques.

Let’s prepare the settings

Before you start studying surfing in the open spaces of the CS, you will have to perform several preparations.

Everything is quite simple:

  • Go into the “Settings”;
  • Click on the “Settings of the game”;
  • Activate the developer console, setting the “yes” parameter.

That’s all. We proceed to study what CS:GO surf is.

Types of surfing

You need to know the varieties of CS surfing to avoid unpleasant impressions of the game at the time of connection to the server. The CS server surf is represented by three species, and each has its own characteristics of the performance technique. There are practically no players who perfectly mastered all three species, as this is a rather complicated skill.

Surfing for time

Depending on the map used, it is conditionally divided into very complex and simple. The goal is the high-speed passage. To do this, players must master jumping at the highest level. It is also substantial to deal with the work of a ramp for getting, accelerating, and overtaking opponents. This form has many pitfalls and subtleties that can only be understood during the game.

Advice! For beginners, choosing a different mode for starting games is better to avoid getting confused.

Both the surfing that existed in CS 1.6 and today’s temporary type is divided by shooting ranges – from 1 to 6. The larger the figure, the more complex the map.

The following are especially beloved by the players.

They all begin on surf_:

  • kitsune;
  • mesa;
  • aircontrol;
  • lt_omnific;
  • utopia;
  • kitsune2;
  • sinsane.

You can use servers with proposed or other similar maps for pumping your surfing skills. If you are a newcomer, it is better to look at two different varieties of surfing.

Trick Surf

It is called freestyle. For the game, players use the same maps as the combat surf. The bottom line is to achieve the specified place and perform the necessary trick. Training is quite complicated, and it will be very difficult for rookies. But if you compare this type with surfing for time, Trick Surf is still more affordable.

We recommend paying attention to the following surfing maps of CS: GO on our website and at the beginning of each:

  • greatriver_xdre4m;
  • japan_ptad;
  • skyworld;
  • machine_remix.

There are alternative maps too, but these are in exceptionally high demand among players.


Сombat surfing

Since CS: S, this surf has been popular with players. Everything is based on the need to pump shooting skills. The player’s tasks are to stay on the ramp, destroying as many goals as possible. In general, such a surf allows you to pump skills, which you can not do without the development of other modes.

It is convenient to use the following maps starting on surf_:

  • bigloop surf_ski;
  • greatriver_xdre4m;
  • banocanyon;
  • buck дикорастущие;
  • 10x_reloaded.

By the way, a team for a surf in CS can try their strength on a combat stage. This is a great start. In the process of practice, there is an opportunity to resort to hints. As a result, it will be possible to compete not only with equal but also with stronger rivals, practice, and increase skills.

Advice! Beginners need to start with combat surfing. There are no complex or incomprehensible elements. The primary required skill is shooting.

Useful information about the surfing

To understand how and what to do to quickly achieve results, it is necessary to study the basic terms of surfing:

  1. Ramp-driving force. The main is friction. You will have to “rub” on the ramp to speed up it for bodies. For this, you need to clamp the working keys. They are located on the opposite side.
  2. Chamber movements. They should be smooth, relatively slow, circular, or “eight.” It is advisable not to rush. A little training – and you will get the best option.
  3. Speed. The set is determined by the “curve,” which moves to the central part of the ramp, and after that, it is displayed upstairs (for the jump). This is possible due to the friction system inside the game. For a set of heights at the time of the jump, quality preparation is required throughout the ramp, taking into account the position. Do not get hung up on sight.
  4. Jumping. This is the performance of several jumps in a row that are thought out and is correct to achieve specific tasks. For this, the ability to move the camera is vital. The goal is to accelerate. Bind is usually performed on the mouse wheel so that it is more convenient to play. Additionally, it is desirable to work out a sense of rhythm.
  5. Surfing angles. It is worth studying them when basic mechanics are familiar. First, you need to use FW, but in any case, you need an active strap during the flight, but it is not profitable.

Another term is strafing. This is a way to gain speed and save it for the required time. It is needed to simplify manipulations with speed. For execution, a quick press of a and d is required, then you need to rock the mouse. It is difficult to do it manually, so it is more convenient to use the binds.

Binds for surfing

Settings for CS:GO simplify the gameplay and allow you to manually eliminate specific actions.

The binding for jumping should be entered through the console.

After it is opened, press Tilda and type:

bind MWHEELUP +jump;

bind MWHEELDOWN +jump.

The result – the jump will be made when you press the mouse button. But still, patience will be required for the correct performance.

Bind for turns is also in high demand.

You will need to register two binds:

  • Bind “Button” “+Right”;
  • Bind “Button” “+Left.”

The “button” can be assigned to any convenient key for yourself. We recommend choosing the one that is easy to reach, for example, Q, E, or mouse buttons.

Strafes bind is recommended for those who understand the mechanism of the game. For the input, open the console and type: bind “Button” +strafe.

It is appropriate to select any button at your discretion.

In general, remember that everything comes with experience. The more training, the easier and easier it will be to surf in CS: GO. To prevent turning your workout into a dull routine, we recommend diversifying the gameplay, for example, using skins. Then a daily visit to the game will be a joy. If desired, you can even make changes to uniforms daily.

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