Skin.Club Major Event is coming!

Major event is coming

Those who love CS:GO just as much as we do, can never be dull here!

The upcoming Major in Brazil is going to be an unforgettable event for every CS:GO fan. As true representatives of this commune, we want to share this celebration with each and every one of you. We also crave to cultivate our beloved discipline community and bring people with mutual interests closer together.

On the eve of the IEM Rio Major, the Skin.Club team invites you to take part in the Pick’em Challenge with a prize pool of $50,000! It will allow everyone, whether you are a Skin.Club user or just an ordinary CS:GO fan, to try your luck and make predictions for each stage of the tournament.

Dates to follow:

Upgrade your in-game inventory with new skins by opening new juicy cases and partaking in giveaways with an enormous amount of prizes.

We will also be keeping a close eye on all Major highlights and sharing with you news, videos, and other hot content right here so you can keep up with everything that’s going on in Rio de Janeiro and fully immerse in this celebration.

Watch Rio Major 2022 with the Skin.Club!