New Event on Skin.Club: Techno Showdown

Nice to meet you, our favorite Skin.Club users! We listened to your requests and have prepared new events for you. We changed the main functionality, added new features and new modes. Further in this article we will provide an in-depth explanation of everything, so that you can quickly get familiar with the new functionality. We are trying to develop Skin.Club based on the market needs and your requests. To share your feedback or recommendations, feel free to reach out to us through social media or email. Your opinion is important for us!

Main Changes

Progress levels are being phased out. We have decided to introduce the ability for users to earn, save, and spend event points on prizes of their choice.

From now on, aside from battles and cases, you can also acquire event points through upgrades. The higher your bid, the more points you will receive.

Starting today, all the points you earn will be stored in your Skin.Club account. Your balance will be visible next to your avatar, denoted in both $ and skins.

Additionally, your balance will now display the number of giveaway tickets you possess, located beside it.

IMPORTANT: Giveaway tickets will not carry over to the next event.


The event now features a comprehensive marketplace. Within the marketplace, you can purchase cases, skins, and money packs using event points. The store’s selection is refreshed every week, so remember to visit Skin.Club to stay current.

Furthermore, for users with Skin.Club levels 50 and above, extra products are accessible within the Marketplace. These items will also be subject to weekly updates.

When you buy a skin, it will promptly appear in your Skin.Club profile. Money packs will be instantly added to your balance, while cases will immediately become available for opening on the main page.


We have revamped the leaderboard system. Leaderboards are now weekly and open to all users, with no longer any limitations on the deposit amount. The prize pool has been expanded, featuring more valuable rewards. However, it’s worth noting that the competition has also intensified.


A subtle change has also occurred in the giveaways. Now, the different levels of the giveaways unlock based on the number of points you have expended in the marketplace. Purchase giveaway tickets or skins that catch your interest and take part in the giveaways.

As well as in the Marketplace, users with Skin.Club level 50 and above can access an exclusive gif without the need to open it. This gif is instantly available, regardless of the number of points you’ve spent.

IMPORTANT: The prizes you receive from the giveaway or leaderboard have a limited lifespan. You can claim the prize within 31 days of receiving it. You can pick up your prize on the main event page. Failure to do so will result in the prize expiring, and you won’t have the ability to reclaim it.

P.S. check out this cool pop-up that introduces the winners of the giveaways and leaderboards!