Jame’s crosshair settings

Jamie Jame Ali is one of the most famous players in CS:GO. In the Virtus.pro squad he fulfills the role of captain and sniper: how many people do you know who can combine two such heavy roles? In addition, Jame has the status of the best player and a victory at the Major.

Let’s look at the features of Jame’s config so that you can always have “JameTime”.

First, Jame plays the E,S,D and F buttons (instead of the usual W,A,S,D). 

Second, the mouse settings:

DPI 400 

Sensitivity 2

Hz 4000

Sensitivity in Proximity 1

Windows sensitivity 6

Mouse acceleration 0

Raw input 1

eDPI 800

And third, the Jame crosshair itself is really unique – it’s a small dot with a black outline that really stands out against the textures.