Rio Major 2022 on Skin.Club

Skin.Сlub Major Pick'em

On the eve of the IEM Rio Major, the Skin.Club team invites you to take part in the Pick'em Challenge with a prize pool of 350 skins! It will allow everyone, whether you are a Skin.Club user or just an ordinary CS:GO fan, to try your luck and make predictions for each stage of the tournament.

Upgrade your in-game inventory with new skins by opening new juicy cases and partaking in giveaways with an enormous amount of prizes.

00Nation is one of the most unique teams to play in the RMR. The roster includes true legends of the game, talented young players eager to prove themselves, and a lot of Brazilian culture and character sprinkled generously over the squad.

They are young, bold, and passionate. They live and breathe CS:GO – that’s what they have in common with Skin.Club. And it makes this team a great partner, interesting for older players and newcomers alike. If you want to observe a good show, just tune in on a 00Nation game – they always deliver!


Test your CS:GO knowledge | IEM Rio Major 2022

What is the name of the stadium where the next CS:GO Major will take place?

Which team won the first Major?

Who has the most total kills with AWP in all Major's?

Which team has won a Major the most times?

Who is the player with the most MVP's?

Which year was the rise of Brazilian Counter-Strike?

Who has the most damage diff per round in all Major's?

Which was the Brazilian team that won a Major for the first time?

Who is the most clutch player in CS:GO history?

Who is s1mple?

Which players have attended all the Majors?

What is the only active team during all CS:GO events?

Who holds the record for kills on a map at a Major?

What map has appeared at every Major?

For the blind, He is the vision. For the hungry, He is the chef. For the thirsty, He is the water. If he thinks, I agree. If he speaks, I’m listening. If he has one fan, it is me. If he has no fans, I don’t exist.

Where is the graffiti of the 4 AWP's in honor of Fnatic?

What is the name of the first Major that was played?

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