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Welcome back, dev1ce!


As we all know Nicolaij ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz returned to his beloved Astralis the other day. But does everybody know why this comeback is that iconic? We invite you to explore the history of one of the best players and discover what is the connection between him and the top CS:GO team.

Tough choice

Since childhood, Nicolaij used to play competitive tennis decently and even was part of the best team in his hometown, so at the age of 14, he was offered a spot at one famous Danish tennis club. However, he has been becoming more and more fascinated by Counter-Strike, which his older brother brought him to (classic). Eventually, he realized that he had to make a difficult choice between a career in sports and eSports, but a sudden and severe knee injury was a decisive point on this question.

Start of the journey and first steps in Astralis

The first teams the talent has played in were Copenhagen Wolves, Dignitas and TSM. After the latter it was decided to establish their own organization named Astralis, with which the career went uphill, winning Major after Major. At the time, ‘dev1ce’ himself was the ultimate MVP on the CS:GO pro scene.

Mental breakdown

To slow things down and get grounded, ‘dev1ce’ parted ways with the team, with which he had great success, in favor of Ninjas in Pyjamas, located in Denmark. To be honest, his cooperation with NiP didn’t last long. On his own initiative, due to mental health issues he just became inactive. While his colleagues moved up, the Dane tried to get back on his feet.

Legendary comeback

For the entire community, the legend’s return on the pro scene was extremely good news. We’re all glad to see ‘dev1ce’ back in Astralis, and we believe that the team will amaze us again and again.

Watch the official video of the first hours of the reunion with the family. So heartwarming!

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