Marcelo “coldzera” David is a true CS:GO legend. He has won literally everything there is to win in this game, including 2 Majors and 2 HLTV Player of the year awards. But, for the first time in his career, he’s about to play on a Major in his home country Brasil.

We had a chat with Marcelo about his reunion with TACO, struggles of the Brazilian CS:GO scene, and his expectations of the Major.

– The Major starts on your birthday, it also takes place in your home country. Did it add to your motivation to qualify for the tournament? Do you have a special feeling about a Major in Brazil?

– We definitely had extra motivation, a huge desire to win, to qualify for the Major. We all really wanted to qualify and I’m glad we got it.

Playing a Major in Brazil is a dream come true. Being able to play in front of the Brazilian crowd, this is the dream of any professional player. I’m really looking forward to it and very motivated.

– Who were your biggest adversaries in the RMR?

– The level of this RMR was too high. Only difficult games, very tough opponents. We didn’t have any easy games, every game had its difficulty, its characteristics. That’s why it’s hard to choose just one opponent. But the last match against Complexity was very difficult, everything was on the edge. And it was a game that was worth a lot, but we were very prepared and we managed to win.

– What result on the Major will make you say “Ok, that’s good enough”?

– The goal is always to get as far as possible. We are growing as a team and we are managing to reach a good competitive level, so with the work we are doing, I cannot say that there is a phase that I would be happy with, but reaching the final phase of the event would be another goal accomplished.

– How did it feel to be reconnected with TACO after such a long period of time?

– It was very natural, like we never stopped playing together. TACO and I have a very strong connection, inside and outside the server, a strong friendship as well. And we played together for many years, so it was very smooth. One helps the other a lot. We are really enjoying playing with each other again.

– In a recent podcast with HLTV, TACO said that in order to make this team work, you had to talk through a lot of things. Was this stuff more in-game or personal?

– Pretty much everything was in the game. Of course, for a team to perform well, for a long time, it is necessary to have a good connection outside the server as well, but these conversations were in-game stuff.

Actually, we always talk about the game, about the analyses, round readings, how CS changes all the time. That’s why the conversation is a part of the team’s evolution.

– Brazilian players prefer to play with each other most of the time. Does your local scene have enough young talent to at least come close to the results you had in 2016-2018? And what are the biggest challenges in assembling a strong Brazilian team?

– We did something extraordinary between 2016-2018, which is going to be hard for any Brazilian team to come close to. Just take a quick look at how many teams really dominated after us and they are few.

But Brazil has always had very talented players and continues to have them. But CS is much more complicated and difficult to play. It takes a lot of training to win big titles and some teams are a few steps above the Brazilians.

– If I understand correctly, TACO took over the IGL role from you. Was it a relief?

– In fact, TACO was already the IGL of the project with Godsent and still being. I help with some calls too, mostly the mid calls. But TACO is a great IGL and has evolved a lot. When they joined 00 NATION, we kept TACO as a IGL and I could get back my positions and put my playstyle on the server. I help whenever I can, we have really good chemistry.

– Who’s more vocal in crucial rounds now? Are younger players comfortable with calling the plays?

– TACO is our IGL and he always calls in 99,9% of the rounds, whether crucial or not.

When one of us has a different analysis or reading, we are open to talk and decide as a team. It could be me or any other player, our coach, we all have voices to give an opinion when we have some reading.

– Only TACO and you have LAN experience. What would (or did) you say to your younger players to help them get ready for the pressure of the big event?

– They’ve had quite a bit of experience recently. Cologne helped a lot, now on RMR they also performed very well on LAN. Now we are going to the Major, everyone will be a little bit nervous, playing in front of the Brazilian fans, it’s normal, but when the game starts, the important thing is to focus and have fun.

TACO and I always talk to them, we tell them to stay calm, that the nervousness passes and it’s time to do what we train to do, to have fun too. Off-server, we do prep work for all tournaments, whether online or offline,where we put more emphasis on offline tournaments. So I think that with the time we’re together and with the passing of time, it’s going to be easier to play.

– You have achieved pretty much everything in CS:GO: winning a Major, being named the player of the year by HLTV and so on. What keeps you motivated to play the game at this point?

– I always want to win more titles, play big games, on big stages. And also being able to help my teammates, they are very young. Helping them achieve their dreams is something that motivates me a lot. I want them to enjoy everything CS has given me and I really want to help them. It’s really cool to see them making their dream come true and being a part of it motivates me a lot.

– How did you feel when Valve decided to capture your 4 kills moment with AWP and added graffiti on a Mirage map? Now it’s one of the most famous CS:GO maps, so many players around the world see your graffiti.

– I can say that it was much more than a dream. It was amazing to see my play being immortalized in graffiti, even more so in Mirage, one of the most historic maps in CS.

I was so happy that I got a tattoo with the graffiti design, it was so special. A unique sensation.

– Last but not least, how do you find motivation to play and stay strong for so many years? Any advice for young players, who are just starting?

– For those who are starting, it is necessary to have a lot of training discipline, not only individual, but collective as well, and to know that they will have many difficulties in their career. And only with a lot of dedication will you overcome them.

You have to train hard, but then it’s worth it. We have to give up a lot of things, but then it’s worth it.

And today, as I said earlier, it motivates me a lot to be with my teammates again, to conquer everything with them, to see them fulfill their dreams, just as I was able to do back then. Today their dream is the same as mine.