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All of a sudden


IEM Rio Major 2022 is in full swing and we’ve already had the chance to enjoy some incredible matches! However, this tournament can also be described as quite unpredictable. FaZe Clan, that most people deemed to be the favorites of this Major, could not defeat their opponents Bad News Eagles in the decider match, thus not advancing to Champions Stage, taking 15th-16th place.

It is easy to explain the downcast expressions of FaZe players, who managed to win PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and IEM XVII Cologne before that. The reaction of Natus Vincere to what is happening in Brazil is funny. NAVI are not showing the best form this time and they joked about it a lot.

It was expected to play in the Finals against FaZe, but in the end they had to hope not to go after them. Fortunately, the team can continue to fight for the slot in Playoffs!

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